Pisces Horoscope for January 2023

Your January Horoscope for Pisces

You may be the only sign of the zodiac that will enjoy this Mercury retrograde because it will be in Capricorn, your friendship sector (eleventh house), which means you could easily run into friends from the past—anywhere! On the street, at a party, at a seminar. Wherever you happen to be during the first nearly three weeks of January, you could experience this exciting happenstance. You can push things forward too—take the initiative and get in touch with a friend you knew from work or college. Your friend will be so happy to hear from you.

The tender full moon in Cancer, 16 degrees, falling on Friday, January 6, is one you will adore. It will light you fifth house of true love, so if you are in love and dating seriously, or if you are attached or married to your one truelove, you could have a breathtaking experience with that person, an evening you will not forget. Uranus will be very friendly and active during this full moon, so be out and about—surprises will sprinkle over you like pixie dust from heaven. If you have no special person in your life, you might meet someone on this magical evening. Remember, nothing will happen if you stay home.

Alternatively, it could be a day that signals the stork may soon be coming your way with a little bundle of joy. If you already have children, you might be taking them on a special outing at this enchanting full moon. (All full moons have an extra five days of influence, so you’ll have time to use it.) Not up for that? You might want to treat yourself to a facial or massage, now that it seems safe to do so.

Between now and May 16, you will be in the most financially rewarding period of your life, so work on ways to find sources of income.

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