Pisces Horoscope for January 2022

Your January Horoscope for Pisces

January 17 is a full moon, but because a full moon has a plus or minus five days of influence, watch the weekend of January 15-16 as possibly pivotal to your romantic life as the energy of that aspect builds. Also, watch the days that follow January 17, namely January 18 to 22. Of course, you have to leave the house for anything to happen!

I have to add a bit of a disclaimer here, for Venus will be retrograde most of January, a trend that started December 19 and will continue to January 29. The Pisces who will least be affected by Venus retrograde are those who are attached, either married or dating someone for a length of time. Venus rules love, and when she is retrograde, she withholds her strongest powers, so new love will be most affected.

Still, let’s think about this a bit more in regard to single Pisces. For every other sign this is a downer, but for you, the outlook may be quite different. You have so many glittering aspects—Jupiter in Pisces, a powerful new moon in your house of hopes and wishes, Mars is here—this adds up to some very powerful beneficial aspects!

The way to handle Venus retrograde is to keep the new relationship on a very slow and gradual build. Don’t rush anything, even if you want to, or you will ruin your future relationship with this person. Slow and easy wins the day.

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