Pisces Horoscope for January 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Now let’s look at other themes coming up for you in January. As you entered January, you may have had quite a romantic episode thanks to a lovely full moon that appeared December 29 and still strong for several more days, bringing you to January 3. That full moon was in Cancer, 9 degrees, and it lit your fifth house of magical love.

The fifth house also rules pregnancy and birth, as well as the care of your children. You may have had a lot of time to play with your little ones, reading to them, or taking them to socially distanced events, like an outdoor light show. If you didn’t have a special episode in love or an event to do with a child, then you may have made a decision about a creative project you are about to tackle. The fifth house rules your imagination and artistic expressions, and the full moon was strong and friendly here. Because this was a full moon, you may have seen a project finish up and be ready to ship. Pisces that were most affected by the December 29 full moon were born in February.

We have a lovely new moon on January 12 in a sign supremely compatible to yours—Capricorn—bringing new opportunities, so you may get a message offering you the chance to work on something that interests you deeply—something you’ve long wanted to do that would allow you to use your creativity, personal style and taste.

The same eleventh house rules friendship, so a friend may show a spirit of generosity to you that touches your heart. Your friend may go out of his or her way to help you in a significant way. Venus, the planet of luxury and fun, will be in ideal angle to Uranus, so surprises are in store for you on or near January 9 to January 13. This may create an opportunity to travel a short distance, but be careful, because Mars will be conjunct Uranus, and driving conditions may be hazardous—even explosive. I think you would be wise to stay home despite the opportunity that may come up just after January 12.

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