Pisces Horoscope for January 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Mars in Taurus is highly compatible to your Pisces Sun. From January 6 to March 3, your third house will be lit, so you will likely be emersed in the communication arts. You may be designing your new app, building a new website, or starting a new podcast series. You may be writing a book or screen play or editing a large manuscript. If you are making a new product introduction, then you will be working on the advertising, publicity, and social media campaigns. If you are a scientist, you may be writing a white paper for the scientific community or a business-trend report for your company. You may be doing translations or PR press releases, or perhaps designing virtual events in the coming two months. One or more of these areas is sure to capture your attention.

This new emphasis on communication (away from financial work) has to be good news, for you will have more time to spend on activities that matter to you, including your creative projects.

Your solar third house, which will be active due to Mars in Taurus, starting January 6, also rules travel and your siblings or cousins. Travel is still risky, especially going through airports, and if your sister or brother lives in a pandemic hot zone, that has to make it a doubly bad time to travel. I sense you miss your sister, brother, or cousin, but being careful now, for a short time will help us all get a handle on the deadly virus long-term. Even after I get the vaccine eventually, I realize it’s only 94 percent effective, not guaranteed to give 100 percent protection, so I am not giving up my mask anytime soon.

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