Pisces Horoscope for January 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Jupiter will briefly move into Pisces from May 13 to July 28 this year, a place it has not been in over a decade. At that time, the universe will give you a preview of a much larger period of rewards and benefits due you, for Jupiter will spend nearly all of 2022 in Pisces. Never have you had a better time to take your dreams seriously. Jupiter will bring the influential people you need to support you and, if necessary, to fund you. Reach out. This golden plum is ripe on the tree just for you.


For months, you’ve had a strong emphasis on money management due to the tour of Mars through Aries, your second house of income, a trend that started June 27, 2020. Mars is a highly energetic planet and usually forces up spending. You may have had to buy many things that you needed but had put off, or perhaps you had to buy a large item, like a car. You might be self-employed and invested in your business, or maybe you invested in yourself in the past months, for example, by going back to university for a degree. You may have needed a bank loan that you were determined to repay, or you may have been working on building your credit reputation. If you had fraud on your credit card, it may have taken you weeks to straighten things out.

Now, the strong financial emphasis comes to an end. Mars will move out of Aries, your income sector, on January 6 and not be back for two years. Whew!

You have been doing well in your career, a fact that likely became evident at the solar eclipse last month on December 14. That new moon eclipse will be strong for many months, but it is always strongest close to the days that directly follow the eclipse. That would have been holiday time, so now that everyone is back to work, you can make subtle inquiries, if you’d like, to change jobs or pick up a side job to supplement your income.

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