Pisces Horoscope for January 2021

A Note from Susan Miller


Dear Reader,

Often when we start a new year, the outer planets stay in their same positions, so the look and feel of the coming year stays fairly the same. That does not happen in 2021! Jupiter and Saturn decided to both enter Aquarius two days apart last month, to make lengthy stays. Gradually, other planets will migrate away from Capricorn and into Aquarius—something you will see in February—and offer a lighter, breezier influence than what we have been used to.

The eclipses have moved away from Capricorn and Cancer too, into more mutable, flexible, and adaptable Gemini and Sagittarius. We will have three eclipse in those signs in 2021, and the start of in a new series, Taurus and Scorpio, when one arrives in Taurus this year. In 2020, we had a remarkable six eclipses (actually seven, if you count the December 25, 2019, eclipse that appeared one week before 2020), which means that the universe was asking us to make many sudden adjustments.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

There is plenty for you to cheer about in January and in the New Year. One of the most dramatic changes you will like is the move of Mars from Aries to Taurus on January 6, to stay until March 3. Taurus is an infinitely nicer place for Mars to be for you, and I have a very specific reason why I say that. To see the big picture, we need to go back to June 2020.

Back on June 27, Mars began a long journey through Aries, your second house of earned income, savings, spending, investment, and possessions. Mars in the second house is known to force up expenses and spending, and since Mars rules Aries, it was extra strong in that sign. Most people only deal with Mars in the second house for six to eight weeks, so having Mars in this house for six months had to have seemed endless and at times, stressful, too.

Part of the reason the red planet spent such a long time in that part of your solar chart was Mars was retrograde September 9 to November 13, a time it might have been hard to make progress. During that time, Mercury also went retrograde, from October 13 to November 3. Everyone felt the slowdowns and stubborn obstacles to progress.

Money is stored energy—you work, and in return your employer gives you money to compensate you for your efforts. If you are self-employed, the profits you make come from the energy you put into the assignment or work for a client. If you look at someone’s bills, you can see the values of that person—is it education, or toys and clothes for their tots? Is it take-out food, or plenty of Netflix movies on the credit card? Workout clothes or equipment? A few designer things or mostly leisurewear? I guess this is why detectives always study a suspect’s credit card bills to get a sense of that person’s lifestyle.

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