Pisces Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Pisces

The full moon in Virgo (5 degrees) that is due on February 24 concerns me. It comes with the Sun conjunct Saturn while the full moon in Virgo will be directly opposed to Saturn. This can be a depressing influence (Saturn can act like a wet blanket), but thankfully, only temporary, for in about two or three days, you will bounce back.

This full moon will put a spotlight on a close, committed relationship—your spouse, steady date, or, in business, your business partner, client, publicist, agent, lawyer, accountant, or other expert with whom you have a one-to-one confidential relationship. Take it easy on this person at this full moon. You will want to react quickly and perhaps emotionally, but hold back. If someone criticizes you, let it roll off your little feathers. You can always address this at a better time in March—there is no need to bring a fast response.

If you have a child who is born on or near February 24, do not dismiss any problem that child may come to you with—show compassion, and together come up with a solution. Be protective of that little person at this time. If the child is bullied by other children, call the teacher to report the problem. That child may need you as his advocate at this full moon.

The conjunction of Saturn to the Sun could put a strain on your body and your immunity and have you feeling you desperately need rest. Give yourself the rest your body needs.

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