Pisces Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Pisces

Make sure your software is up to date, for with Uranus so strongly prominent and in a chaotic mood, you might have problems with computers, or even find someone hacked your data or social media. Ask your IT people for advice on how best to protect yourself.

This area of your chart also rules travel that you might take within a day’s drive or flight. Assume nothing—keep checking to be sure your bookings are in place and that your hotel accommodations will be held for you. If you plan to drive a distance, be sure your car has been checked out by your mechanic.

There is one more area covered by your third house, the place where rabble-rouser Uranus is currently based, and this month Uranus himself would be the perpetrator of the problem. This house also rules your sister, brother, and cousin. Accordingly, it might be a good idea to check in with your relatives to find out how they are doing and if they have any news to share. If your relative could use a little cheering up, they will appreciate that you called.

This aspect involves Uranus square the Sun and new moon and will rattle all the signs in different ways, simply because the news will be so unexpected. It is Uranus’ nature to be unpredictable, so you can never guess what news Uranus will bring. It is useless to guess, so my suggestions might not be much help. Uranus will always bring news you never considered a possibility.

Stepping back to look at the position of the planets in your horoscope, I see all of them are based in the Eastern side of your chart. This is positive, for it will give you more control over finding a remedy if you need one. It means you don’t have to depend on others for your eventual success and happiness. Of course, the planets keep moving, but right now, you can create quite an effective path for yourself, and you appear to be energetic and motivated to do so.

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