Pisces Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Pisces

The twelfth house is also associated with intuition. With no less than six out of a possible 10 heavenly bodies crowded in your solar twelfth house, your instincts should be so strong as to be uncannily accurate. You may be blown away later when you realize the small voice within gave you the precise, right path to take. It will be imperative that you listen to it. If you have a powerful dream during this period, ask a friend to help you dissect it.

There is a problem with this new moon, however, which is that Uranus, the planet called the Great Awakener (or rabble rouser) will challenge the new moon directly by sending a 90-degree square from its position in your third house. I believe something has been going on behind the scenes that you were not aware of or completely dismissed as not important—until now. Something is likely to come to the surface. It might be upsetting when you discover what it is, but remember—in this case, the universe is making sure you know about it to protect you.

The third house, where Uranus is presently based in your chart, rules communication, covering such areas as negotiation, contractual agreements, and travel. It would not be wise to sign a contact at month’s end—early February would be a better time, or wait until March.

Since Uranus is operating in your third house of communication, you may be working on a writing, speaking, or editing assignment. You may be giving speeches, teaching, creating publicity, or marketing, or creating sales, social media, or advertising campaigns. If you work in high tech, you may be coding new software or developing an app. You may be re-designing a website.

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