Pisces Horoscope for February 2021

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Now let’s turn to Valentine’s Day, Sunday, February 14, when you will have another set of sensational alignments. Mercury, the ruler of your committed partnership sector (covering marriage and engagement) will be beautifully aligned to the generous planet of happiness and good fortune, Jupiter. Mercury retrograde won’t hurt you—it will coax you to remember all the fun times you’ve had together.

If you are single, Mercury retrograde may cause an old flame to come back in your life. Will it work? You’ll have to see.

Best of all, Mercury rules your marriage sector (seventh house), so if you are attached, Valentine’s Day has the potential this year to be outstanding, one of the best ever. If your partner wants to make the plans, let your partner do so—it’s sure to be memorable. In fact, you might even become engaged.

Life gets better and better as you go through February. On February 20, Mercury steps to go direct. Even though Mercury will not be in perfect shape, you will feel a blast of energy after this date.

From February 25 to March 21, Venus will tour your sign, Pisces, and you will be the valentine of the zodiac.

Next, let’s look at a peach of a full moon February 27 in Virgo, 9 degrees, which will direct your attention again to your partner in marriage or steady sweetheart. It looks like your partner has a surprise for you, for Uranus, in Taurus at 8 degrees, will send a shimmering “trine”—the most breathtaking aspect possible—to the full moon. You will be happy—I promise. Your partner might surprise you with a little quick car trip over the weekend of February 27-28.

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