Pisces Horoscope for February 2021

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

I love that Venus will be conjunct Jupiter, a rare aspect that happens once a year. Venus, as the ruler of your eighth house of other people’s money, suggests that it is possible a generous check will come to you on or near February 11. This one-time large influx of money appears to be linked to your writing abilities and your reputation for excellence, for Jupiter is the natural rules of Pisces’ prestigious tenth house of fame and honors. Your communication project, where you will tap a good deal of your imagination, will set you apart. Jupiter has links to international cultures, so your work may become global, not just restricted to your country. All in all, your financial condition appears to be in good shape this month.

Additionally, since Jupiter in Aquarius will be aligned with harmony Venus, also in Aquarius, this tells me you will want private time with your sweetheart. There is one downside to this aspect—some use it for a clandestine affair, but that’s not a good way to use it, for when Venus moves on, your affair could easily come out into the open (very soon).

With a plethora of planets crowded into your twelfth house, you will be mixing with medical personnel, either for you or a parent. Perhaps one of the vaccines will come on the market in your area, and you will be able to get an appointment, no matter what your age.

The twelfth house is associated not only with health and healing but also with the subconscious, so this would be an excellent time to begin professional therapy. If you feel so inclined, begin to collect names from friends and have a consultation. It will be a good feeling to be free from anxiety and feeling calm and in control. These days, you can have a teleconference with your therapist, requiring very little effort to get to see your therapist. Rarely have you had such a good opportunity to get the help you need, whether physical or psychological, and to rebound with greater mental health.

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