Pisces Horoscope for December 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Life keeps happening, doesn’t it, dear Pisces? You made it through some difficult months this year, but now you are in a sweet month, far better than most. Will you have to shutter within and not go outside unless necessary? Yes, probably. But Pisces often finds their time alone productive and soothing, for you always have enough projects to keep you busy, and when you don’t, you think up new ones, for you are considered the most creative sign of the zodiac. Creativity comes in many ways—you don’t have to work in a traditionally creative field. You bring your imagination and vision to all you do.

Most of your best ideas generate from your unconscious, from so deeply within that when asked where your newest idea came from, you usually confess that you have no idea. You take in the world with your right brain, assembling bits and pieces of all you see into a coherent whole. Magically, you find beauty that others easily miss.

Lately you’ve been doing much more money management than usual, and it is not like you to spend so much time with the calculator and bank statements. This is happening because of the long visit of Mars through your second house of earned income, an influence that tends to force up spending and balances on credit cards or loans.

Mars first went into this area of your chart on June 27 and has not yet left. More typically, Mars stays six to nine weeks in any one house of the horoscope, so this has been a strenuous trend. By the end of this month, Mars will have spent six un-interrupted months in your area of salary earnings, saving, and spending. This put a great deal of emphasis on check writing, but also on trying to find new sources of income.

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