Pisces Horoscope for August 2022

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Your August Horoscope for Pisces

This year, you probably hoped for a quiet, little lazy August, but looking at your horoscope the reality is just the opposite—you are busier than ever. You have been waving good-bye to friends going on vacation while you are doing Zoom meetings, typing away, and not seeing the light of day.

Not all Pisces have that life—I know one who went to East Hampton and is working there too, but she’s close enough to the beach to view the sunsets slashed in red, pink, and yellow where she takes time to breathe in fresh air and to listen to the sound of the surf quietly splash on the soft white sand. She can walk to the nearby town to the popular lunch spot and enjoy lobster rolls under a big red umbrella. The point is, even though this Pisces is near the beach, she is working hard, too. She is just like the Pisces pounding their keyboards in their apartments, occasionally making a run for takeout sushi and running back home through the empty city streets—everyone is gone this time of year.

There is an upside to all this work, though—you have some of the finest aspects for making money of any other zodiac sign (with the possible exception of Virgo, but their money comes in a little differently). So, while you might not be thrilled with the way July and August have been playing out, by the time you reach early October, you will be able to treat yourself to a new valuable wrist watch, suit, or leather jacket (to my male readers) or, to my female readers, a stunning designer handbag, evening dress, or an impressive piece of gold jewelry. Whatever you want! When you do make the purchase, you will smile quietly to yourself. You will know all that work was worth the concentration and enthusiasm you gave it.

The most valuable element of the process you will come away with is the knowledge that your reputation for excellence is growing by leaps and bounds in your industry or the world at large.

The new moon of July 28 might have brought a fresh set of assignments to your desk, but don’t groan—Jupiter, the good fortune planet, is still watching out for you financially and will see that you continue to do well all this year and beyond. You will be paid handsomely, either immediately or eventually. (Watch the new moon of March 21, 2023, for buckets of money to arrive.) When it comes to making money, you have the Midas touch.

If you feel you have not made the money you deserve, speak up, or look for another job. Watch the brilliant full moon October 8-9 this year for the best news ever. Those dates fall over a weekend, so watch Friday, October 7, and Monday October 10 through October 13 for news that a large sum of money is on its way to you.

Jupiter, the good fortune planet, is watching out for you financially and will see that you continue to do well all this year and beyond. You will be paid handsomely, either immediately or eventually.

Mars is in Taurus, and it appears your skills in communication have been (and continue to be) one of your best talents. Writing, speaking, editing, translating, research, sales, public relations, marketing, podcasting—something is bubbling up, and your skills are evolving and becoming more sophisticated every day.

The full moon of August 11 will be difficult. It will fall in Aquarius at 19 degrees, and it appears that news will come from behind the scenes that will rattle you and force you to make a decision. Full moons tend to cleanse situations when they bring certain information to your attention so that you can either fix the condition or move on.

You will need to watch your health under this full moon because Uranus will apply pressure on the Sun in Leo and the new moon in Aquarius from his perch in Taurus, your third house of communication—so news will come in through phone, email, text, or express mail. This would NOT be the time to travel anywhere—stay home, for problems could come up while you’re on the road. If you absolutely must travel, plan to have your car tuned up the minute you start the month so that you will give your mechanic time to address any problem he might find. Hopefully, he will not find anything to fix—you have to see.

Mars will be traveling with Uranus, so Mars will get caught up in Uranus’ antics. Together, they will act the same way and taunt the Sun in your sixth house of work and health. Uranus and Mars will also beam the August 11 full moon in your solar twelfth house—this house rules, among other things, secrets and mysterious activities happening behind the scenes. All will come out at this full moon. Sometimes the news can be disillusioning.

You won’t see the event or news coming. It seems you were completely unaware of a situation, and when you learn the information, the news will come as a total shock. News will be brought to the surface with the power of a geyser shooting its water so high in the sky, almost reaching the heavens, for everyone to see.

What makes matters worse is that Saturn will conjoin the tender full moon in Aquarius at 19 degrees. This could bring up a concern for one of your children, or you may have a disagreement with a person you like and have been dating. Uranus will challenge Saturn too, so you may have to dismantle a structure in your life or a belief you’ve held on to so that you can conform to news that comes in now.

You may be getting ready to address a partnership matter, such as to add a partner in your business or (more exciting) to get engaged at the new moon in Virgo, 4 degrees, on August 27. Go for it, dear Pisces.

As said earlier, this is a good strong month. Don’t put off any decision to September because Mercury is due to be retrograde from September 9 to October 2.

You don’t want to tangle with a weak, ineffective Mercury to sign papers or to make a major purchase. Mercury rules the gears and moving parts in machines and the chips that allow all electronics to run. If you need a car, air conditioner, computer, smart phone, headphones, vacuum cleaner, stove, or any other electronic device or machine, buy it now while you have a number of positive aspects. Next month, you might find that certain machines are running down, and you will have to go to the repair shop. That happens a lot when Mercury retrogrades.

Mars will move into Gemini on August 20 and will start to light your house of home and family. Mars’ typical visit to any part of the horoscope is seven weeks, but this time Mars will remain in Gemini, your home sector, seven months! I have no idea why you will be so riveted on your residence or family, but it is clear you will be.

There are usually reasons people are thinking lots about their home. You may be fixing it up with a renovation of your kitchen or bath. Or maybe you are involved with a genuine fixer-upper like you see on TV where the couple on the show asks a crew to demolish the entire inside walls and features of the house and rebuild it, making it all modern and beautiful. You may decide to buy a house or rent a summer home and bring in linens and things you will need. This aspect seems bigger than that, though—you’ll have to see.

You may need to see your mother more often if she is not well, and she would appreciate your presence. You may assume you are doing much just by being with your mother, but she may find little things are sometimes hard to do.

In another instance, if your sister recently had a baby and her husband travels out of town frequently, she may need you to help out—if you can go, do so. As my own mother used to say, the more you do, the closer the bond you establish with the child or your older relative. Real reward is self-fulfilling, it is in helping others.


You seem to have been working hard on an assignment (or group of them) that involved writing, editing, public speaking, advertising, or publicity, or you may work in sales. Life has been busy and will continue to be that way through the first three weeks of August. You may have been working on a greater than normal number of manuscripts, or perhaps you are ready to launch an e-book, podcast series, or app. On top of this, you may have needed to travel in July, which only tightened the time you had to devote to work. If you have children who are home from school, you were tending to their needs too, while you juggled the rest of your life.

The new moon of July 28 brought you a fresh stack of assignments. If you are self-employed, that would have been a positive development—projects will flow in during August and beyond. If you work for others, with Jupiter’s fine angle to the mighty Sun, you will likely be paid well for all the work you will be doing. There’s a chance you will be allowed to hire help, if only temporarily, so ask—you will need all the help you can get. If you are self-employed, you may be studying the résumés of candidates this month to hire new recruits.

During this busy period, take good care of yourself. Make sure you are eating nutritiously and getting enough sleep. The new moon of July 28 will motivate you to attend to your health matters. To take full advantage of this new moon’s opportunities, schedule screenings and tests in an annual exam. Remember to add a mammogram or a prostate exam, and schedule visits to your dentist and eye doctor as well.

The full moon of August 11 will likely be a tense one when facts will be revealed to you that you had not been privy to previously. Saturn will conjoin that full moon, casting a somber tone. It’s possible that someone will let you down, and the effect could be disillusioning when you find out the truth. After this full moon, few things will remain the same. A love relationship or a friendship may not go well and need to end, or you may experience a troubling episode with a child that you will lovingly work through to make better. Watch your health, both mental and physical, and seek help if you feel you are carrying too much on your shoulders. Judging by your aspects, you might be.

During mid-month, treat yourself to a relaxing weekend over August 13-14. Let go of errands and domestic chores, and simply breathe and rest, with nothing more strenuous to do than reading a good book as you relax in a hammock and sip some ice tea or a delicious iced cappuccino. If you love to cook, get lost in the chopping, dicing, and the mixing of ingredients. You will need to give your mind a rest from everyday cares. Everyone you speak to on or near the August 11 full moon will be walking on eggs and distracted by outside events. Fortunately, a full moon comes, we all conform, adjust, and close the matter. In time this will be a distant memory.

On August 20, action planet Mars will move into Gemini and begin a major new trend for you, one that will last through March 25, 2023. Mars typically stays six weeks in a sign, but this time Mars will remain in your fourth house of home and family for seven months. Either you, or a member of your family, will likely move or renovate. One way or another, it appears you will play an integral role in the process, for one family member or your home will be the center of your attention.

As the month starts to draw to a close, you may become interested in forming a serious partnership with a person you share a love or business relationship. If you are dating someone special who you are serious about, you may be ready to exchange rings and promises. If you are already wed, you may choose a fun goal—to save for an overseas trip, to buy a vacation country house, or to have your first baby. As you decide, try to nail down the approximate costs of your idea, for Neptune, your ruler, will oppose Mercury, so you may still be a little unsure or too fuzzy about the actual costs. Don’t let that stop your work toward the goal—the money appears when you make it a priority.

At this point, many of the extreme pressures you have felt lately will start to melt away, but you will still have a long to-do list, as shown by Saturn opposed to Venus—get the work done, and then you will be able to play. Mercury will lead the brigade at this new moon, and happily, Mercury will get support from Pluto (help from powerful friends) and from Mars (family adores you and will help you). Mercury is well-positioned to attract money too, so, all in all, you should be feeling optimistic about your future soon after this happy new moon of August 27 arrives.

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