Pisces Horoscope for August 2022

Your August Horoscope for Pisces

You don’t want to tangle with a weak, ineffective Mercury to sign papers or to make a major purchase. Mercury rules the gears and moving parts in machines and the chips that allow all electronics to run. If you need a car, air conditioner, computer, smart phone, headphones, vacuum cleaner, stove, or any other electronic device or machine, buy it now while you have a number of positive aspects. Next month, you might find that certain machines are running down, and you will have to go to the repair shop. That happens a lot when Mercury retrogrades.

Mars will move into Gemini on August 20 and will start to light your house of home and family. Mars’ typical visit to any part of the horoscope is seven weeks, but this time Mars will remain in Gemini, your home sector, seven months! I have no idea why you will be so riveted on your residence or family, but it is clear you will be.

There are usually reasons people are thinking lots about their home. You may be fixing it up with a renovation of your kitchen or bath. Or maybe you are involved with a genuine fixer-upper like you see on TV where the couple on the show asks a crew to demolish the entire inside walls and features of the house and rebuild it, making it all modern and beautiful. You may decide to buy a house or rent a summer home and bring in linens and things you will need. This aspect seems bigger than that, though—you’ll have to see.

You may need to see your mother more often if she is not well, and she would appreciate your presence. You may assume you are doing much just by being with your mother, but she may find little things are sometimes hard to do.

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