Pisces Horoscope for August 2022

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I am so excited to tell you about a project I have been working on for months—my own astrological NFT Collection called Susan Miller Stars. I am always looking for ways to bring you fresh experiences, and this is a big one for it will bring us all into the magical world of Web 3. Building a community of Astrology Zone readers has always been an endearing mission and desire.

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Your August Horoscope for Pisces

This year, you probably hoped for a quiet, little lazy August, but looking at your horoscope the reality is just the opposite—you are busier than ever. You have been waving good-bye to friends going on vacation while you are doing Zoom meetings, typing away, and not seeing the light of day.

Not all Pisces have that life—I know one who went to East Hampton and is working there too, but she’s close enough to the beach to view the sunsets slashed in red, pink, and yellow where she takes time to breathe in fresh air and to listen to the sound of the surf quietly splash on the soft white sand. She can walk to the nearby town to the popular lunch spot and enjoy lobster rolls under a big red umbrella. The point is, even though this Pisces is near the beach, she is working hard, too. She is just like the Pisces pounding their keyboards in their apartments, occasionally making a run for takeout sushi and running back home through the empty city streets—everyone is gone this time of year.

There is an upside to all this work, though—you have some of the finest aspects for making money of any other zodiac sign (with the possible exception of Virgo, but their money comes in a little differently). So, while you might not be thrilled with the way July and August have been playing out, by the time you reach early October, you will be able to treat yourself to a new valuable wrist watch, suit, or leather jacket (to my male readers) or, to my female readers, a stunning designer handbag, evening dress, or an impressive piece of gold jewelry. Whatever you want! When you do make the purchase, you will smile quietly to yourself. You will know all that work was worth the concentration and enthusiasm you gave it.

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