Pisces Horoscope for April 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You have reason for cheer—the new moon of April 11 in Aries will bring you more opportunities to find a fresh supply of money, one that can provide you with financial security as you move forward. By all means, ask for a raise just after this new moon arrives for it will be one of the best times of the year for you to get approved for one. If you are interviewing for a new job, the talks are now getting more serious, and the topic of compensation for you will come up. You will be asked what your salary requirements are, and here you should not be shy—speak up, for the force is with you.

This new moon of April 11 is an exciting one, for it will be in Aries, suggesting you will be working as a pioneer in a new area, possibly related to high tech. You might be working with a team you hired to build your idea for an app, or you may begin a podcast series. Whatever you do, it will be exciting and new, for the place of the new moon and her entourage of planets will be in Aries, ruling the buds on the tree and the start of the blooming of flowers. Said another way, Aries epitomizes the beginning of life and all entrepreneurial ideas and efforts. This new moon will light your earned income sector, so actions you take just after the new moon appears suggest you can get more income or make a good profit either immediately or later.

Circle two days on your calendar: The first is April 15, when the Sun will align with Jupiter—60 degrees apart—denoting an opportunity to work on a project with hefty profit potential, but to be sure, check with your financial advisor.

The following day, April 16, will be equally auspicious, with Mars in sync with Jupiter—investments and improvements you make in real estate you own should pay off. Also, one of your parents may be very helpful to you on April 16, so if you need money, you might want to gently ask. Your parents love you and believe in you—you may get the loan or gift of cash you need. You may be working on a renovation or purchase of a condo or house due to Mars in Gemini until April 23—worthy goals your family might want to help you secure for yourself.

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