Pisces Horoscope for April 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Mercury will go retrograde at the end of next month, May 29 until June 11, so do your best to get things done in the first three weeks of this month. (There will be a difficult full moon on April 26, so plan to get things done by April 21, and put off the rest until the first weeks of May. I will get back to this full moon later, but there is too much to tell you about now, about April in mid-month, a glorious time.) If you need to sign a contract, do it as soon as possible, but avoid the entire string of days from April 22 to 30. Do not sign anything during those days or agree verbally to an idea or plan. As you see, this is a month of high contrast.

You will have two dazzling days to circle on your calendar, so find a way to use them.

The first will be April 15 when a meeting could lead to profit. The mighty Sun, the star that gives us life, will receive beams from Jupiter. A VIP behind the scenes who believes in you will help you get ahead. You may never find out the identity of that person, or if you do, you will be asked to keep their name confidential. That’s because if news gets out, others will want the same beneficial treatment, but you deserve it—they might not.

The second date will be April 16, an especially rare day, when Mars will contact Jupiter. Mars will still be circulating in your fourth house of home, indicating that you’ll have more interaction with your family than usual.

Your most productive time this month will be during the first three weeks, until April 23. One of the reasons is that you will be coming close to that difficult full moon after this date, and you will need to clear your schedule so that you can move easily in any direction, unhindered by previous commitments. Let’s talk about that monster full moon now.

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