Pisces Horoscope for April 2018

A Note from Susan Miller

April 2018

Welcome to April, one of my favorite months of 2018. This month has spectacular aspects in the first three weeks…

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As a Pisces, dealing with money matters does not usually top your list as a favorite activity. (Some signs, like Taurus, Capricorn, and Scorpio do enjoy spending time and attention on money matters.) You certainly know how to earn a top salary, however – Forbes Magazine consistently named your sign and your opposite sign of Virgo as the two signs that have shown the greatest potential to become millionaires (and billionaires). Virgo and Pisces are found on the same axis, six months apart on the horoscope wheel.

How could this be? How could signs that are not basically materialistic amass so much money? Pisces and Virgo are motivated by creativity and service to others. They are known to strive for excellence in all their projects, and they are eager to get feedback from their intended target group.

As a Pisces, you will never chase money for money’s sake. For Pisces, work is their lifetime joy and they love it so much, they’d do it for free. (Luckily you will never have to work for free.) If you haven’t found your calling, you will in time – the little Fish will always intuitively swim toward the vocation that is precisely right for its future.

This month, however, you will have to deal with money matters, and this theme will echo through most of the month.

April starts out with a stressful full moon in Libra 11 degrees, which technically appeared the day before April dawned, on March 31. All full moons have an area of influence of an extra four days, so if you didn’t notice an emphasis on money on that date, you may still hear something in the first days of April. The problem with this full moon is that it will be under siege by Saturn and Mars, causing stress to almost everyone of every sign.

In the first week of April, Saturn and Mars will be conjunct in Capricorn, 8 degrees, and be in tight odds with both the full moon in Libra in your eighth house of credit and loans, and at the same time, be at odds with the Sun in Aries in your second house of personal savings and salary. (This is happening because at any full moon, the Sun, and moon are always at precisely opposite points in the sky.) Saturn is the teacher and the judge, so there is no ignoring his messages, for he wants accounts settled and closed. Mars is the fiery warrior, so he may make you feel an urgency to pay up or to get your due, as the matter applies to you. You won’t likely feel surprised by any of the developments you see in the first week, because surprise-a-minute planet Uranus won’t be involved in this configuration.

Here are some examples of what might come up (if you have not yet received news). You may actually receive a large sum you’ve been waiting to come in to your account, for money seems to come in to you, but at the same time money seems to go out, too. Or, you may be told how much you owe in taxes and feel a bit deflated by the news. Pisces often is self-employed, and self-employed people never really know how much they owe until the last minute.

I will list other examples to get you thinking. It could be that you learn that your homeowner insurance company won’t give you the full amount that you had listed on your claim. Or, it may be that a client who owes you money suddenly goes bankrupt and won’t be able to pay what he owes you. If you were in a lawsuit, this month would not be the ideal time to propose a settlement, not with all these planets squabbling with each other in the first three weeks. In your personal life, if you expect child support from your ex, you may be told that the money will be late or not coming at all. You get the idea.

You might need a contingency plan if you find you come up short with cash. This aspect teaches us that it is always wise to have a Plan B for circumstances like these. If you are self-employed, you might want to see if you qualify for a line of credit from the bank for your business to tide you over when unexpected expenses or a shortfall of cash becomes a problem.

A friend might have soft spot for you and want to help, so think of all your successful friends if you find yourself in a financial jam. Your mother or father won’t be able to help you this time because Saturn will be in hard angle to Mercury, and Mercury rules your home and parents. Asking a friend for a loan may be your best bet, because Pluto in your friendship sector will be in perfect angle to Jupiter.

There is another way this could work out. The full moon in the eighth house sometimes signals surgery is coming up, and in that case you may be on the phone with your insurance company getting pre-approved for the procedure. (Don’t forget to do that if your insurance company requires that you call first.) If you know that you need an operation, you may finalize some of the plans at the full moon in the first week of April. Be flexible, however, as the timing of the operation might change a little as pre-test results come in. In the case of surgery, you have a better than usual chance for near-full coverage for your procedure.

Not helping matters is Mercury is still in retrograde, a trend that started last month March 22 and will extend to April 15. Mercury will be retrograde in Aries, in your solar second house of earned income. This tells me checks due to you will be slow to arrive and you may even have to chase payments down from clients.

Mercury rules the mails, couriers, express mail, email, communication, information, negotiation, contracts, translations, (buying and selling, speech, writing, and research, as well as transportation and travel. Every one of these areas will bring a slowdown. If estimating the time it will take to complete a writing project, for example, allow more time and money than you think you need – a client will always be happy when you turn things in earlier than stated. I want to lower your stress!

It is not wise to buy electronic equipment when Mercury is retrograde.

Do not buy a computer, cell phone, headset, TV, stereo speakers, kitchen appliances, air conditioner, or vacuum cleaner, and of course, don’t buy or lease an automobile. Mercury rules the moving parts to all machines, and also the electronics in them.

Our judgment is off when Mercury is in retrograde. The fact that Mercury IS retrograde shows us that conditions are changing rapidly, but you won’t be able to see that they are shifting – that will appear later, perhaps in hindsight. If you use the same priorities that you have always used to make a decision, you will later see those qualifiers were out of date. Later you will say to yourself, I wish I had known! I wish I had waited!

Don’t be quick to act the day after Mercury goes direct either, in this case April 15. Any planet that changes direction is always a little tipsy and tired in the beginning, and needs time to ramp up its energy. Whether you need to shop or sign a contract, you need to wait. I suggest you use April 23 to shop for your electronics, when Mars and Jupiter join forces. This day will sparkle for other reasons, too, so you will see me talk about it again later.

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