Pisces Horoscope for February 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Now that you have independent and somewhat rebellious Uranus in your third house of communication, you are showing that you are also skilled with language and analytical left-brain talents. You have it all, dear Pisces, and Uranus will continue to stay with you for six more years, until April 2026, and in so doing, prove to you that you are one of the few that can communicate on two levels, through words or symbols.

There are more exciting things happening for you! Good-fortune Jupiter will be in lovely alignment with Neptune, and this is an exceedingly rare aspect. This is significant because in ancient days, Jupiter was your ruler. In modern days, Neptune is your ruler. Today, astrologers look to both planets to forecast your upcoming opportunities. In years when you have this enchanting configuration, you always tend to do exceedingly well. One bonus will be that these two planets will encourage your imagination to grow by leaps and bounds in ways you’ve not seen before. This aspect has other bonuses, too.

Neptune is in Pisces, your sector of identity and personality (first house), while Jupiter is now in compatible Capricorn, your friendship/community center (eleventh house). Your loving and compassionate way will make you charming to those you meet this year, and you will make many new friends easily. If you are single, among the many new people who will enter your circle, one person may become a romantic interest who might stay in your life a long time, maybe forever. Be optimistic, for you have so many reasons to be excited by life. You are moving into a very fortunate period, where you won’t have to work so hard to see results, and you will be able to enjoy a richer private life too, with a great many inspirational new friends who will spark you to work to achieve your greatest dreams.

These two planets, Neptune and Jupiter, will be in perfect alignment this month on February 20, and then again on July 27 and October 12. However, these two planets need not be in mathematical perfection, as they will be on the three dates listed for you to feel their glow. These two planets move slowly, so they will be within orb (close enough to have you feel their vibrant energies) from now through mid-November.

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