Pisces Horoscope for February 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Most students of astrology know the eleventh house (where Mars will travel next) covers your friendships, social activity, and all charitable, community, and humanitarian efforts. The part many astrological students don’t know is that the eleventh house, sitting next to the tenth house, also rules profits made from work you did to develop your career the year prior (2019). I bet you will be pleased when you see the fruits of your labors. The harder and smarter you worked last year, the greater your profits will be now.

I feel your harvest is due to be quite abundant because your solar eleventh house of profit currently contains Saturn (discipline), Pluto (powerful, financially savvy), and Jupiter (generous good fortune). Mars will add energy to this area when he enters on February 16, but after Mars leaves, the other three planets will continue to help you throughout 2020.

Now let’s look at the full moon in Leo 20 degrees due February 8-9 (depending on your time zone). When it comes to work projects, you seem to have a major event culminating at this full moon. You may see your creative project launch, or you may be invited to give a speech or workshop. You may hand in a report, manuscript, thesis, or other project you worked on for weeks or months or see your work published, and your work will be very well received. Why do I say that? I will explain.

Mars, still in your house of prestigious career victory, will send a powerful beam to the full moon of February 8-9 from your eleventh house of community, and people who love your work will give you thundering applause. I believe if you are making an appearance, profits will flow from your event or from the sale of your products if you introduce them to those who come on that weekend. If you are self-employed and are up for a project, this full moon could help you to land it—you seem to be presenting yourself very professionally.

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