Pisces Horoscope for February 2019

A Note from Susan Miller


Dear Reader,

We have made it to February, a darling month, made all the sweeter because most of us have come through some tough tests in January, which held two eclipses (January 5 and 20) triggering one or two sudden changes. If you felt January was intense, you are not alone. I would like you to share your stories about the eclipses and other aspects on social media—each night I read every post. Please include your month and day of birth (no year necessary) so that I can see your sign and rising sign.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This is a heavenly month, soft and as quiet as newly fallen snow as the month opens. You had quite a lot to do for your career in December, and January may not have been easy either, as we had two eclipses, January 5 and January 20. Eclipses are the most dramatic tools the universe uses to create change. It is kind that the universe now gives you one of the sweetest months of the year, and it is especially welcome after your having worked so hard.

The tone of February will be largely set by the new moon of February 4, in Aquarius 16 degrees, to glow in your twelfth house, which rules, among other things, solitude and behind-the-scenes activities. You might choose to work behind closed doors on a creative project that needs a great deal of your concentration—a good idea. This would be a superb time to shutter yourself in, away from the world, for you would be highly productive by eschewing phone calls and people who just want to burn your time.

Most importantly, the moon governs your fifth house of creative efforts, and this new moon in Aquarius will be very effective for stimulating original, breakthrough ideas and new designs. Indeed, this new moon is a bouquet of roses, beautiful in every way, for this majestic new moon in her white satin gown and long gloves will receive shimmering rays from Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, based in your solar tenth house of fame, achievement, and honors.

Your intuition will be working at an all time high this month too, thanks to the wonderful protection of this new moon, so be sure to listen to what the small voice within tells you. You tend to be intuitive to begin with, but this month, your feelings and dreams will likely be prophetic. It might be worth keeping a small journal nearby to jot down your inspirations.

The twelfth house rules the subconscious mind and also has influence over your health, so if you have had any troubling thoughts that have kept you up at night, or have had difficulty throwing off a reliance on a substance that you know is not good for your body, this is the month to talk over your thoughts with a trained therapist and get the help you need. If you think rehab might be right for you, you are likely to make impressive progress now. Schedule your appointment for on or just after the new moon, February 4.

A new moon will be strong and influential for ten days, but it can have influence over you for a year, depending on the actions you take in the ten days immediately following a new moon. As you get closer to the full moon (this month, February 19), the new moon’s string of days will become increasingly weaker, and her energy will be spent within three days before the full moon. For that reason, you must always act on or very quickly after a new moon appears, for that’s how you can get the most benefit from a new moon.

Depending on what you do during those potent ten days can have a powerful effect on the entire year moving forward, for you won’t get another new moon in this part of your chart for another year. (Next year’s new moon in Aquarius will come on January 24.)

One of the very best days of the month will be February 7, when the Sun and Jupiter, in your tenth house of fame and honors, will align, and you can add a jewel to your crown. This is a very powerful day, because the Sun will multiply Jupiter’s goodness many times over,…so go for the gold.

This new moon might bring out a secret that someone has been trying to conceal from you. It’s hard to see from here if the secret would be one you’d welcome or not, but I can say this new moon is staunchly there to protect you. Bits and pieces of information will continue to come out, so be patient. Do not react to what you hear. If indeed there is anything to discover, you would need the entire story before you decide what to do, and that will take time because this is happening on a new moon.

One of the very best days of the month will be February 7, when the Sun and Jupiter, in your tenth house of fame and honors, will align, and you can add a jewel to your crown. This is a very powerful day, because the Sun will multiply Jupiter’s goodness many times over. It’s an important, beneficial day for an interview or for your agent to discuss a deal on your behalf. Whenever Jupiter is in involved, money and expansion usually follow, so go for the gold on February 7, dear Pisces.

Money was quite a concern in January. Mars has been tearing though your personal finances sector (second house), and you may have been alarmed at how fast money was draining out of your account. Every time you assumed you had all the manhole covers battened down, you would turn around and one flew open again.

Uranus is the planet of chaos, unpredictable news, and disruption, and Mars is traveling shoulder-to-shoulder with Uranus, now at 29 degrees Aries. (Once a planet nears 30 degrees, it automatically turns into the next sign.) Needless to say, you have had a hard time hosting unpredictable Uranus in a financial house for years. Uranus will leave your house of personal finance on March 6 and not return for the rest of your life, not until 2094. You are almost there.

There will be one moment this month, on February 12, when Uranus might act up and give you one additional tense day about money, and that is when he aligns with Mars on February 12. This could bring some difficulty with money, but it will be the very last stand that Uranus will take. It’s Uranus’ attempt at a last rant. However, the Sun, from his perch in Aquarius, will be in the right place to help you. I feel your help with money will come from someone behind the scenes. This person will be highly placed and powerful—and will offer help if you need it.

Since Uranus is the planet of all things unexpected, the news might not be troubling—it might be thrilling—but we have to protect the downside if it should happen. If the news is exciting and happy, no preparation is needed.

The full moon this month will emphasize a relationship with a committed partner, whether that is your spouse or a business partner that you work with closely. That person might be an official business partner or a collaborator, such as a publicist, editor, social media manager, agent, manager, lawyer, or someone else. This partner or collaborator would not have to be on the payroll, they could be a person you outsource work to. Something is coming to culmination—a proposal, a commitment, what could it be? Whatever it is, it’s been building for some time, and it could be a very happy moment.

This full moon is a darling one, with beautiful beams from both Uranus and Mars, suggesting this partner will bring you good news about money. Uranus is moving into your communication house—the place he already has one foot inside the door in Taurus—so you may be getting ready to speak on a prestigious panel, give a talk, or write an important document, book, or screenplay, or you may develop a new app, as some ideas.

Uranus has ties to foreign people, places, and relationships too, so whatever comes up as a complete surprise might involve people overseas. Mars rules your second house of income, so the money offered will be generous and please you quite a bit. The key to the success of the news you hear will be your partner in love or business. This person may bring you the deal or link you to its success in some way.

The leading planet of this full moon on February 19 is Mercury, so you may be asked to sign a contract, because Mercury rules agreements. Mercury is in beautiful angle to Saturn, suggesting a long-term deal; an opportunity or relationship could be in the making.

Here is the kicker: I don’t want you to sign papers now if asked, for you will have Neptune conjunct Mercury. For creativity, this aspect is wonderful, but in terms of a deal, too many matters in a legal document may be clouded, confusing, or completely omitted.

A better day to sign any contract would be February 7 or a day that comes at the close of the month, February 27.

On the latter day, February 27, Mars in Taurus will be beautifully oriented toward the Sun in Pisces. Mars will be in your contractual house, and the Sun will protect you mightily. This day, February 27, will also be special for you, dear Pisces. Use it for any initiation that is dear to your heart, including a first date, asking for a raise, handing in a manuscript, giving a pitch, sending out a mailing, doing a social media or ad campaign—you get the idea. Think of something you’d like to do.

Next month, Mercury will be retrograde all month from March 5 to 28. You may feel this particular phase of Mercury more than usual, as Mercury will retrograde entirely in Pisces. Sign papers on the days I recommend above, and if you need to buy an electronic item, such as a kitchen appliance like a dishwasher, or a new computer, stereo system, TV, smartphone, or even a car, you would do best to do so early in February, just after the new moon in Aquarius, February 4, and the week that follows. Make your purchase as close to February 4 as you can (say, February 4, 5, 6, or 7). You will be glad you did.

Although this month emphasizes progress for attached couples, Valentine’s Day should please all Pisces, whether married or single.

Just two days later things get even more romantic. On February 16-17, you have a very special aspect, when Venus and your ruler, Neptune, align in a poetic, lyrical way. Venus will be in Capricorn, so you may want to visit a town that has a fascinating history—see if you and your partner can go away one night to have some private time together, perhaps as an extended belated Valentine’s Day celebration.


You may have been spending a lot of money since early January, due to the appearance of Mars in Aries, your second house of income. Your expenses will calm down once you get past February 14 and Mars moves to Taurus. The upside of this trend is that Mars in Aries will make you more assertive and motivated to make more money. Your mind is active, and while it may be true that not all your moneymaking ideas will result in profits, many will, so keep writing down those gems. Decide which one to put into action first.

The new moon of February 4 has you hunkering down in solitude to work on your strategy for 2019. Pisces does their best work when alone, so carve out time to think, dream, draw, take notes, and plan. If you are doing research for a book, are about to prepare an application for a grant, or have the job of assembling photographs for a major art book—whatever your aim, being alone will bring beautiful, thoughtful results. Jupiter in your tenth house of professional success is making it clear that your career is doing fabulously well, so the sky’s the limit now.

Your very best day of the month for career matters will be February 7, when Jupiter, in your fame and honors sector, will receive the warming rays from the Sun, in Pisces. Schedule an interview, send a query letter, present your ideas to a VIP, give a client presentation—you decide what to do to advance your career, just be sure to do it February 7.

Next month, Mercury will be retrograde in your sign of Pisces from March 5 to March 28. Settle as many important matters as possible now, before Mercury goes retrograde. You do have a sterling month to sign papers and to move forward. Your best days for signing or for major initiatives would be February 3, 7, or 27.

Although Mercury retrograde can cause havoc to everyday plans, the good part next month will be to take time to go back to former projects to see if you can launch them then. It wouldn’t be the time to start new ventures, but it would be the right time to pick up the thread on a former project that you had to put aside for lack of time, money, or cooperation from others.

February 12 will bring a financial surprise, but because unpredictable Uranus is involved, there’s no sure way to say which way things will go. The planets surrounding this aspect will be highly protective and supportive in so many ways, so stay optimistic. It is possible you could get good news, but with Uranus you never know. Let’s think good thoughts.

The full moon in Virgo on February 19 will likely mark an important moment for your closest relationship. For most people, a full moon in the seventh house (as you will have) points to a major development in your personal romantic life—you may get engaged or married, for example. If you are already wed, news from your partner that will affect you both will likely thrill you.

If you have no partner, then you can use this full moon’s energy in a business sense. You may suddenly find the perfect agent to represent you, or you may change accountants or hire a lawyer with specific expertise and experience. You may make official a new business partner, you may hire a manager or social media expert, or you may choose a new ad agency or publicist. Full moons crystalize past efforts, so if you are collaborating with a business expert in any area, you may be very grateful for the fine work your partner is doing on your behalf. Just don’t sign papers with Neptune so close to Mercury at this full moon—do so February 3, 7, or 27.

This full moon brings with it sensational harmony from Uranus, indicating your partner, in love or business, will have surprising, sudden news that makes you feel like dancing on the tables. In business, it could bring success for a creative effort you worked on and are now revealing, or in your romantic life, that you are expecting a baby. (The moon rules your fifth house, and that’s the house of creativity, pregnancy, and birth.) This full moon is sweet, so you should like the news that surfaces, and you have to tell everyone you know.

The most romantic time of the month will be the weekend of February 16-17, perfect for a “just us two” weekend away. Leave Friday night, February 15, for a belated Valentine’s Day celebration. Venus in Capricorn will be in ideal angle to your ruler, Neptune. Find an old castle or landmark hotel to stay in—Capricorn rules historical structures. This aspect is as heavenly as you could wish to see.

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