Pisces Horoscope for February 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

If you have no partner, then you can use this full moon’s energy in a business sense. You may suddenly find the perfect agent to represent you, or you may change accountants or hire a lawyer with specific expertise and experience. You may make official a new business partner, you may hire a manager or social media expert, or you may choose a new ad agency or publicist. Full moons crystalize past efforts, so if you are collaborating with a business expert in any area, you may be very grateful for the fine work your partner is doing on your behalf. Just don’t sign papers with Neptune so close to Mercury at this full moon—do so February 3, 7, or 27.

This full moon brings with it sensational harmony from Uranus, indicating your partner, in love or business, will have surprising, sudden news that makes you feel like dancing on the tables. In business, it could bring success for a creative effort you worked on and are now revealing, or in your romantic life, that you are expecting a baby. (The moon rules your fifth house, and that’s the house of creativity, pregnancy, and birth.) This full moon is sweet, so you should like the news that surfaces, and you have to tell everyone you know.

The most romantic time of the month will be the weekend of February 16-17, perfect for a “just us two” weekend away. Leave Friday night, February 15, for a belated Valentine’s Day celebration. Venus in Capricorn will be in ideal angle to your ruler, Neptune. Find an old castle or landmark hotel to stay in—Capricorn rules historical structures. This aspect is as heavenly as you could wish to see.

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