Pisces Horoscope for February 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Next month, Mercury will be retrograde all month from March 5 to 28. You may feel this particular phase of Mercury more than usual, as Mercury will retrograde entirely in Pisces. Sign papers on the days I recommend above, and if you need to buy an electronic item, such as a kitchen appliance like a dishwasher, or a new computer, stereo system, TV, smartphone, or even a car, you would do best to do so early in February, just after the new moon in Aquarius, February 4, and the week that follows. Make your purchase as close to February 4 as you can (say, February 4, 5, 6, or 7). You will be glad you did.

Although this month emphasizes progress for attached couples, Valentine’s Day should please all Pisces, whether married or single.

Just two days later things get even more romantic. On February 16-17, you have a very special aspect, when Venus and your ruler, Neptune, align in a poetic, lyrical way. Venus will be in Capricorn, so you may want to visit a town that has a fascinating history—see if you and your partner can go away one night to have some private time together, perhaps as an extended belated Valentine’s Day celebration.


You may have been spending a lot of money since early January, due to the appearance of Mars in Aries, your second house of income. Your expenses will calm down once you get past February 14 and Mars moves to Taurus. The upside of this trend is that Mars in Aries will make you more assertive and motivated to make more money. Your mind is active, and while it may be true that not all your moneymaking ideas will result in profits, many will, so keep writing down those gems. Decide which one to put into action first.

The new moon of February 4 has you hunkering down in solitude to work on your strategy for 2019. Pisces does their best work when alone, so carve out time to think, dream, draw, take notes, and plan. If you are doing research for a book, are about to prepare an application for a grant, or have the job of assembling photographs for a major art book—whatever your aim, being alone will bring beautiful, thoughtful results. Jupiter in your tenth house of professional success is making it clear that your career is doing fabulously well, so the sky’s the limit now.

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