Pisces Horoscope for February 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This full moon is a darling one, with beautiful beams from both Uranus and Mars, suggesting this partner will bring you good news about money. Uranus is moving into your communication house—the place he already has one foot inside the door in Taurus—so you may be getting ready to speak on a prestigious panel, give a talk, or write an important document, book, or screenplay, or you may develop a new app, as some ideas.

Uranus has ties to foreign people, places, and relationships too, so whatever comes up as a complete surprise might involve people overseas. Mars rules your second house of income, so the money offered will be generous and please you quite a bit. The key to the success of the news you hear will be your partner in love or business. This person may bring you the deal or link you to its success in some way.

The leading planet of this full moon on February 19 is Mercury, so you may be asked to sign a contract, because Mercury rules agreements. Mercury is in beautiful angle to Saturn, suggesting a long-term deal; an opportunity or relationship could be in the making.

Here is the kicker: I don’t want you to sign papers now if asked, for you will have Neptune conjunct Mercury. For creativity, this aspect is wonderful, but in terms of a deal, too many matters in a legal document may be clouded, confusing, or completely omitted.

A better day to sign any contract would be February 7 or a day that comes at the close of the month, February 27.

On the latter day, February 27, Mars in Taurus will be beautifully oriented toward the Sun in Pisces. Mars will be in your contractual house, and the Sun will protect you mightily. This day, February 27, will also be special for you, dear Pisces. Use it for any initiation that is dear to your heart, including a first date, asking for a raise, handing in a manuscript, giving a pitch, sending out a mailing, doing a social media or ad campaign—you get the idea. Think of something you’d like to do.

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