Pisces Horoscope for February 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Money was quite a concern in January. Mars has been tearing though your personal finances sector (second house), and you may have been alarmed at how fast money was draining out of your account. Every time you assumed you had all the manhole covers battened down, you would turn around and one flew open again.

Uranus is the planet of chaos, unpredictable news, and disruption, and Mars is traveling shoulder-to-shoulder with Uranus, now at 29 degrees Aries. (Once a planet nears 30 degrees, it automatically turns into the next sign.) Needless to say, you have had a hard time hosting unpredictable Uranus in a financial house for years. Uranus will leave your house of personal finance on March 6 and not return for the rest of your life, not until 2094. You are almost there.

There will be one moment this month, on February 12, when Uranus might act up and give you one additional tense day about money, and that is when he aligns with Mars on February 12. This could bring some difficulty with money, but it will be the very last stand that Uranus will take. It’s Uranus’ attempt at a last rant. However, the Sun, from his perch in Aquarius, will be in the right place to help you. I feel your help with money will come from someone behind the scenes. This person will be highly placed and powerful—and will offer help if you need it.

Since Uranus is the planet of all things unexpected, the news might not be troubling—it might be thrilling—but we have to protect the downside if it should happen. If the news is exciting and happy, no preparation is needed.

The full moon this month will emphasize a relationship with a committed partner, whether that is your spouse or a business partner that you work with closely. That person might be an official business partner or a collaborator, such as a publicist, editor, social media manager, agent, manager, lawyer, or someone else. This partner or collaborator would not have to be on the payroll, they could be a person you outsource work to. Something is coming to culmination—a proposal, a commitment, what could it be? Whatever it is, it’s been building for some time, and it could be a very happy moment.

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