Pisces Horoscope for February 2019

A Note from Susan Miller


Dear Reader,

We have made it to February, a darling month, made all the sweeter because most of us have come through some tough tests in January, which held two eclipses (January 5 and 20) triggering one or two sudden changes. If you felt January was intense, you are not alone. I would like you to share your stories about the eclipses and other aspects on social media—each night I read every post. Please include your month and day of birth (no year necessary) so that I can see your sign and rising sign.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This is a heavenly month, soft and as quiet as newly fallen snow as the month opens. You had quite a lot to do for your career in December, and January may not have been easy either, as we had two eclipses, January 5 and January 20. Eclipses are the most dramatic tools the universe uses to create change. It is kind that the universe now gives you one of the sweetest months of the year, and it is especially welcome after your having worked so hard.

The tone of February will be largely set by the new moon of February 4, in Aquarius 16 degrees, to glow in your twelfth house, which rules, among other things, solitude and behind-the-scenes activities. You might choose to work behind closed doors on a creative project that needs a great deal of your concentration—a good idea. This would be a superb time to shutter yourself in, away from the world, for you would be highly productive by eschewing phone calls and people who just want to burn your time.

Most importantly, the moon governs your fifth house of creative efforts, and this new moon in Aquarius will be very effective for stimulating original, breakthrough ideas and new designs. Indeed, this new moon is a bouquet of roses, beautiful in every way, for this majestic new moon in her white satin gown and long gloves will receive shimmering rays from Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, based in your solar tenth house of fame, achievement, and honors.

Your intuition will be working at an all time high this month too, thanks to the wonderful protection of this new moon, so be sure to listen to what the small voice within tells you. You tend to be intuitive to begin with, but this month, your feelings and dreams will likely be prophetic. It might be worth keeping a small journal nearby to jot down your inspirations.

The twelfth house rules the subconscious mind and also has influence over your health, so if you have had any troubling thoughts that have kept you up at night, or have had difficulty throwing off a reliance on a substance that you know is not good for your body, this is the month to talk over your thoughts with a trained therapist and get the help you need. If you think rehab might be right for you, you are likely to make impressive progress now. Schedule your appointment for on or just after the new moon, February 4.

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