Pisces Horoscope for February 2018

A Note from Susan Miller

February 2018

I was thinking of an interesting question today. What quality do you have now that when you were little, growing up, you never assumed you’d have in you? It may be that as you matured, you took on new facets to your personality that you found favorable, and were surprised to say were part of you. That has happened to me…

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You are moving into one of the best parts of 2018. You might already have sensed that this is true, being the prescient creature that you are, and if so, you would be right. You have things to do before you reach the most glorious full moon of the year (March 1) and the best new moon in Pisces (March 17). Over past years, the universe has tested you, prodded you, pushed you, and now in the glorious days to come, will reward you with happiness.

As you begin February you have the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in your twelfth house, so your intuition will be very strong. You will benefit from what your psyche is telling you. Don’t be concerned if others don’t believe what you say about what you sense is coming, or don’t quite share your point of view. The joy of being Pisces is being ahead of the crowd, and like the artist you have inside you, you know trends that are coming before others do. You might be curious about meditation now, and find it soothing and just right for you to get involved in doing.

I go to the Four Seasons a lot in Los Angeles on Doheny Drive (it is my favorite hotel in the world), and when you are a guest there and turn on the TV in the room, instead of hearing someone shouting about all the new movies you can buy, beautiful photographs of nature come up on the screen. A man who sounds like Deepak Chopra guides you through a start-of-the-day meditation. I have always felt settled inside, never have the problem of trying to calm a racing mind, so I had never tried meditation. Still, I was intrigued. I started to follow along, and now, at home, I miss that wonderful way of starting the day. Listening to this man’s voice encouraged me to think about what I wanted to achieve in the day. I have always done this on my own – knowing exactly what I wanted to achieve that day before it ended, going back to my childhood, but I liked the way the meditation was presented. Looking at your chart, I think you would like the soothing effects of meditation this month, too.

At the very least, take time to get extra rest and schedule some fun, too. You have a lot of changes spinning around you, for this month there are two eclipses. You will want to be strong as you enter next month, for March will be one of the finest months of 2018.

Eclipses are the most dramatic and quickest way that the universe uses to create change. The universe cannot abide stagnation. The planets are always on the move, and all of us must be too. Most of the time you make changes on your own, but if you have been stuck in an unhappy, unproductive situation too long, the universe will step in to get things going again.

The interesting part about an eclipse is that events going on in the outside world, in which you have no involvement and sometimes no knowledge of either, suddenly causes a chain reaction to trigger change in your life, too. Think about this as the eclipses come by this month and see how this might be true for you now.

As you start February, a full moon lunar eclipse will arrive in Leo. Technically it arrived at the end of last month, January 31, in Leo, 12 degrees, in your sixth house of work project and health. You may have been rushing to finish a big project and concentrating to do a good job on it, too. Things you do at eclipse time have extra weight and promise for the future, so think about an assignment you were (or still are) finishing. Your chart shows that project has legs, and will take you to new assignments related to that one down the road. The January 31 eclipse received strong and positive vibrations from Mars, the action planet, so you were busy and motivated to make a name for yourself.

Speaking of Mars, this lively, vibrant planet is set to give you a competitive edge in all career matters in February and part of March. Mars recently entered your tenth house of fame and honors on January 26 and will remain there until March 17. Mars will not be back to help you in such a powerful way again until January 2020. While you have such an outstanding professional edge, use it! Keep in mind too that Mercury will retrograde from March 22 to April 15, so make hay while the sun shines!

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