Pisces Horoscope for December 2018

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Each year, December has a magical quality, especially as the spirit of the season takes hold. This month, dear Pisces, you are likely to find December more dreamlike than any month in recent memory. If your career is important to you, this will be a month of enormous professional reward. The work you did over the past decade or more is now coming to a pinnacle, and if the world has not heard about your good work yet, they will now.

The excitement has to do with the arrival of good fortune planet Jupiter in your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement last month on November 8. Jupiter is set to stay a full year, until December 2, 2019, giving you plenty of time to make your mark in your industry or on the world at large. The tenth house is found at the very top of your horoscope where the number 12 would be on a clock. It takes over a decade for Jupiter to make this journey around the zodiac and through each of the houses, spending one year in each, so as you see, this is very special news that he has finally reached your prestigious career sector.

Yet, just having Jupiter in your tenth house is not enough to make things happen. The most important event you need to unlock Jupiter’s goodness is a new moon in the same tenth house, and you only get one of those a year. As luck would have it, you will have that important new moon—in Sagittarius, 15 degrees, your prestigious tenth house to boost your career—on December 6.

After that date, a new career chapter can begin, and you will start to see the goodies that the universe has prepared for you in the form of sparkling opportunities. All new moons set up a period of ten days of remarkable energy, with each day becoming a little less strong than the day before, until you get close to the full moon, at which time the new moon will have spent all her precious energy. You need to start planning your actions for your career to coincide with those potent ten days, for if you act during that time, your actions will have the power to create the kind of advancement you used to dream about. This new moon will affect you for a full year, until the next new moon in the same part of your chart to refresh this one.

Having benefic Jupiter orbiting so close to the Sun will make you excited and jovial about your career accolades most of the month, especially in the first three weeks, while the Sun continues to move through your prestigious tenth house of career advancement. By all means, you should enter contests and award shows, because this year you would have a superb chance of winning. Practice your speech, dear Pisces, such as, “I would like to thank the Academy….”

It will be as if you have a helium balloon tied to your finger (like you did when you were little) and this balloon is about to lift you higher, higher, higher without any fear at all, above the tree line into the stratosphere, and the view from the top will be spectacular. How high you fly has to do with how hard and smart you worked over the past years, for the coming year, 2019, will be one of exciting reward.

What I love about this new moon is that Uranus, the planet of surprise, will be perfectly positioned in Aries to send the Sun and new moon in Sagittarius an electric, dazzling beam. As your career elevates, so will your income. Uranus will beam both the Sun and new moon at the same time, indicating that you will receive exciting news of money coming to you, and it will represent either a generous fee for one project or a hefty salary increase that you won’t see coming—but you certainly will be excited about when it arrives.

Mars is in Pisces, a fantastic place for Mars to be for he will also add to your sexy allure, make you more attractive, and give you a competitive advantage. Mars will stay in your sign until December 31, so you have the entire month of Mars’ strong energy at your disposal to use as you please.

The moon is Pisces’ natural ruler of your fifth house of creativity, while the Sun is the natural ruler of your sign’s sixth house of new assignments. This means it’s likely that you would get a sudden call for a project that will be tailor-made for you, tapping your well-known reputation for imagination and artistry.

December 6 will be important for another reason—Mercury, the planet of commerce and communication, travel, shipping, and shopping—will finally go direct. You certainly have everything working for you, dear Pisces, and with Mercury moving direct, you soon will see no more delays.

Venus recently turned direct too, having been retrograde from October 5 to November 16. During that time, a number of payments you expected might have been held up, but no more. Venus became direct on November 16, but will take until December 17 to be back to full power. Even so, for all practical purposes, you will be doing fine with Venus, planet of love, beauty, and profits, all month.

You can make changes to your appearance if you like (something I begged you not to do in October and November, due to Venus retrograde), but before you schedule your appointments, wait until Mercury is direct, from December 6 onward (and leave a space of as many days as you can muster for extra luck). If you are getting your hair cut, go ahead, but if you are considering something more serious, such as a face-lift or a Botox treatment, wait a little, say until December 21. I love that Venus is in Scorpio, a water sign like yours, which means Venus will boost your charisma and magnetism.

Additionally, Mars is in Pisces, a fantastic place for Mars to be, for he will also add to your sexy allure, make you more attractive, and give you a competitive advantage. Mars will stay in your sign until December 31, so you have the entire month of Mars’ strong energy at your disposal to use as you please. You’ve waited two years for Mars to come to Pisces (it takes that long for Mars to circle the Sun), and it is quite an advantage, for Mars will make you courageous, confident, and passionate. You are starting a new two-year cycle, so projects that you start now will likely add sparkle to your professional reputation as well as to your personal life for months and years ahead.

December 20 could be an exciting day too, when Uranus will receive beams from the Sun and create a fantastic surprise for you. Any unexpected news seems to be financial and point to an unforeseen check or fee that will be on the way to you. Because Uranus is poised on the cusp between your second house of income and your third house of communication, the money you see may be related to work involving writing, editing, speaking, designing, acting, or any other communications project. A friend seems to bring this glowing opportunity to you, or it may be triggered by an officer in a professional club you belong to who might go out of her way to recommend you.

You could be wildly happy on December 21 for so many reasons. Mercury will conjunct Jupiter—an annual event—and these two benefic planets have not met in Sagittarius for more than a decade (2006). I can hear you say to yourself, is that important? Yes, dear Pisces, it is, for Jupiter and Mercury will not meet again in your tenth house of fame and honors until 2030.

Use this day, December 21, to launch something new—a product, service, and idea—or to have a big meeting or interview, for a new job or with the press. You are likely to get very good news on this sterling day, and as a bonus, you may need to travel soon to have a face-to-face meeting with the person who will deliver the good news.

On a more personal level, Mercury also rules your house of marriage (seventh house) and your house of home (fourth house). You may decide to move in with your sweetheart, or you might get engaged or married. Attached? You may close on a house or sign a lease on this day.

The month will become increasingly romantic as you get to the third week. The full moon this month will fall in your fifth house of truelove, so if you are single, you stand a very good chance of meeting someone new. If you are in a serious, close relationship or are married, your partner may bring a surprise, and it will be news out of the blue and quite lovely for you. February-born Pisces will get a double dip of pleasure from this tender full moon.

All full moons have an area of influence of four days, so with the full moon set to arrive December 22, your emotions will heighten in a warm and wonderful way at the Christmas holiday. Your partner may make a surprise proposal of marriage on Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day, thanks to the energy of the full moon so close to the holiday. If you are attached, your partner may have great news to share, something that would affect you both, such as your partner landed a new job with a generous raise. Alternatively, you partner may thrill you with a gift of tickets to a sunny isle where you both can go to recharge and relax. If you would miss your children (I can relate to that), then bring them along. Go to a luxury resort that has fun programs for children that they might like or a hideaway that offers babysitting services.

You may discover that your partner can be just as romantic now as he or she was when you first met. If you have children, see if you can find time to have a private dinner together in a festive restaurant near the full moon, December 22.

If you are not in a relationship, you may proudly show your family something very creative that you worked diligently on lately. Clearly, it’s special. Over this full moon, you may have fun with little children in the family and connect with relatives you’ve not seen in a long time. Being in the heart of a loving family cocoon may feel mighty special this year.

On New Year’s Eve, the Sun will be within one degree of Saturn. This suggests you will have had a very busy month, with a lot to do for your growing, high profile career, while you will also have responsibilities at home. By December 31, you may want to collapse on the couch and not go out.

Don’t take too much responsibility onto your shoulders, if you will be doing most of the family entertaining. Ask for help, and some of your family members will pitch in. The Sun rules your health and vitality, as well as the preventative measures you take to stay strong. You may need to take vitamins to boost your immunity, so ask your doctor. Your horoscope suggests that you may be running your batteries down in the last week of December. Saturn, so prominently conjunct the Sun at this time, is known to draw on the body’s calcium, so do what you can do to strengthen bones and teeth.

Staying home will be an option on New Year’s Eve, but with a growing crowd of planets in compatible Capricorn in your eleventh house of fun, friends, and events, you might get an invitation to an elegant party from a friend that will be too good to pass up.

If you don’t get an invitation to a party, the Capricorn planets will give you an interest in historical settings, so consider looking for a castle-like atmosphere for an overnight experience—if you look, you can find an one that looks like it came straight out of your favorite story, be it Outlander, Game of Thrones or Cinderella. If you can think it or visualize it, then you can find it.


Everything you worked toward this past year—2018—will now reach a thundering crescendo, with applause, publicity, and career accolades on a level you’ve rarely seen. Last month, Jupiter, the great good fortune planet, entered your tenth house of fame and honors on November 8 and will stay more than a year, until December 2, 2019. This is the first time in over a decade that Jupiter has toured this magical professional house, and he is now on hand to put your name in lights.

The new moon will arrive to the same professional part of your chart and open the treasure chest of career opportunities that you’ve long dreamed to be offered. The first ten days after the new moon arrives December 6 will be a potent time for your professional matters. The seeds you plant now have the best chance for success, for they are likely to grow as tall as those of Jack-and-the-Beanstalk.

Not only do you have Jupiter in your fame, honors, and achievement tenth-house sector, the highest point of your chart, you also have Mars, the energy planet, in Pisces. Mars only comes by your sign for six weeks every two years, and when Mars arrives, he marks the beginning of a new cycle. Truly, the actions you take this month are likely to be far-reaching and make you very happy indeed.

Neptune is your ruler, and so you may be discussing an important role, if you are an actor, or a large network or Internet firm may offer you the chance to host your own TV show. If you are a musician, you will get your chance to be seen and heard—you can take things form there.

Neptune will be in hard angle to the Sun, however, so if you take a new job this month between December 6 and December 20, ask a lot of questions to be sure you fully understand all that will be expected of you. Get the job description in writing from your boss-to-be if possible, or volunteer to sum up your understanding of the job in a follow-up letter. You need to be sure you and your new boss will be on the same page. You will benefit from going the extra mile to ensure clarity.

Later, on December 21, Mercury, planet of news, communication, and travel, will conjoin Jupiter in a dazzling five-star day just made to bring you magnificent career news that will surely put you far ahead of the competition. You may receive excellent media publicity, or you may hear praise from a VIP whose opinion you value. This person may offer you a new responsible position. If you are self-employed, you may land new business from a prestigious client. These are a few examples of professional news coming your way. It surely looks like something big is being cooked up for you on this fabulous five-star day.

Also, thanks to the meeting of Jupiter and Mercury on December 21, you will feel warmth of family support for your goals as well as enjoy good fortune from a real estate situation, if you need to rent, sell, buy, or want to repair or upgrade your property. With your home sector brilliantly lit by Mercury and Jupiter, you may want to give an open house holiday party, and December 21 would be a perfect time to do so.

The last third of the month will be outstandingly romantic for you. December 22 brings a full, tender, loving full moon in your fifth house of romance, and this almost ensures that you will have an enchanting holiday weekend. Of all the signs, you have one of the most sparkling outlooks for love and fun this month. Mars in Pisces will make your charms more visible and sexy, and Venus in Scorpio will be the perfect place for you to magnetize the right person to you. This holiday season, you will be on everyone’s A-list.

On the full moon of December 20, and also on December 22, you will receive shimmering vibrations from Uranus, planet of surprise, so you may think you know what will happen, but in fact, something else more exciting than anything you can imagine will happen. With Uranus, it’s always something you don’t see coming.

New Year’s Eve brings the transiting moon to luxury-minded Leo, and after being showered with all the good news due this month, you’ll be in the mood to celebrate. Big crowded rooms are not your style, so opt for a dinner with your sweetheart in a special-occasion restaurant, or invite a small number of friends to your place. If you don’t want to entertain, you seem not to have to do so—with planets heading to Capricorn, your eleventh house of friends, fun, and new faces you will meet—you are likely to get an invitation from a friend to a special event that you won’t want to miss.

The coming year will represent the culmination of years of hard work, for you are heading to the top of your specialty. If you are not there yet, you will be—keep pressing forward. You have a full year ahead of career success, reason enough to raise a toast to 2019.

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