Pisces Horoscope for December 2018

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

If you are not in a relationship, you may proudly show your family something very creative that you worked diligently on lately. Clearly, it’s special. Over this full moon, you may have fun with little children in the family and connect with relatives you’ve not seen in a long time. Being in the heart of a loving family cocoon may feel mighty special this year.

On New Year’s Eve, the Sun will be within one degree of Saturn. This suggests you will have had a very busy month, with a lot to do for your growing, high profile career, while you will also have responsibilities at home. By December 31, you may want to collapse on the couch and not go out.

Don’t take too much responsibility onto your shoulders, if you will be doing most of the family entertaining. Ask for help, and some of your family members will pitch in. The Sun rules your health and vitality, as well as the preventative measures you take to stay strong. You may need to take vitamins to boost your immunity, so ask your doctor. Your horoscope suggests that you may be running your batteries down in the last week of December. Saturn, so prominently conjunct the Sun at this time, is known to draw on the body’s calcium, so do what you can do to strengthen bones and teeth.

Staying home will be an option on New Year’s Eve, but with a growing crowd of planets in compatible Capricorn in your eleventh house of fun, friends, and events, you might get an invitation to an elegant party from a friend that will be too good to pass up.

If you don’t get an invitation to a party, the Capricorn planets will give you an interest in historical settings, so consider looking for a castle-like atmosphere for an overnight experience—if you look, you can find an one that looks like it came straight out of your favorite story, be it Outlander, Game of Thrones or Cinderella. If you can think it or visualize it, then you can find it.

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