Pisces Horoscope for December 2018

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Venus recently turned direct too, having been retrograde from October 5 to November 16. During that time, a number of payments you expected might have been held up, but no more. Venus became direct on November 16, but will take until December 17 to be back to full power. Even so, for all practical purposes, you will be doing fine with Venus, planet of love, beauty, and profits, all month.

You can make changes to your appearance if you like (something I begged you not to do in October and November, due to Venus retrograde), but before you schedule your appointments, wait until Mercury is direct, from December 6 onward (and leave a space of as many days as you can muster for extra luck). If you are getting your hair cut, go ahead, but if you are considering something more serious, such as a face-lift or a Botox treatment, wait a little, say until December 21. I love that Venus is in Scorpio, a water sign like yours, which means Venus will boost your charisma and magnetism.

Additionally, Mars is in Pisces, a fantastic place for Mars to be, for he will also add to your sexy allure, make you more attractive, and give you a competitive advantage. Mars will stay in your sign until December 31, so you have the entire month of Mars’ strong energy at your disposal to use as you please. You’ve waited two years for Mars to come to Pisces (it takes that long for Mars to circle the Sun), and it is quite an advantage, for Mars will make you courageous, confident, and passionate. You are starting a new two-year cycle, so projects that you start now will likely add sparkle to your professional reputation as well as to your personal life for months and years ahead.

December 20 could be an exciting day too, when Uranus will receive beams from the Sun and create a fantastic surprise for you. Any unexpected news seems to be financial and point to an unforeseen check or fee that will be on the way to you. Because Uranus is poised on the cusp between your second house of income and your third house of communication, the money you see may be related to work involving writing, editing, speaking, designing, acting, or any other communications project. A friend seems to bring this glowing opportunity to you, or it may be triggered by an officer in a professional club you belong to who might go out of her way to recommend you.

You could be wildly happy on December 21 for so many reasons. Mercury will conjunct Jupiter—an annual event—and these two benefic planets have not met in Sagittarius for more than a decade (2006). I can hear you say to yourself, is that important? Yes, dear Pisces, it is, for Jupiter and Mercury will not meet again in your tenth house of fame and honors until 2030.

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