Pisces Horoscope for December 2018

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

It will be as if you have a helium balloon tied to your finger (like you did when you were little) and this balloon is about to lift you higher, higher, higher without any fear at all, above the tree line into the stratosphere, and the view from the top will be spectacular. How high you fly has to do with how hard and smart you worked over the past years, for the coming year, 2019, will be one of exciting reward.

What I love about this new moon is that Uranus, the planet of surprise, will be perfectly positioned in Aries to send the Sun and new moon in Sagittarius an electric, dazzling beam. As your career elevates, so will your income. Uranus will beam both the Sun and new moon at the same time, indicating that you will receive exciting news of money coming to you, and it will represent either a generous fee for one project or a hefty salary increase that you won’t see coming—but you certainly will be excited about when it arrives.

Mars is in Pisces, a fantastic place for Mars to be for he will also add to your sexy allure, make you more attractive, and give you a competitive advantage. Mars will stay in your sign until December 31, so you have the entire month of Mars’ strong energy at your disposal to use as you please.

The moon is Pisces’ natural ruler of your fifth house of creativity, while the Sun is the natural ruler of your sign’s sixth house of new assignments. This means it’s likely that you would get a sudden call for a project that will be tailor-made for you, tapping your well-known reputation for imagination and artistry.

December 6 will be important for another reason—Mercury, the planet of commerce and communication, travel, shipping, and shopping—will finally go direct. You certainly have everything working for you, dear Pisces, and with Mercury moving direct, you soon will see no more delays.

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