Pisces Horoscope for December 2018

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Each year, December has a magical quality, especially as the spirit of the season takes hold. This month, dear Pisces, you are likely to find December more dreamlike than any month in recent memory. If your career is important to you, this will be a month of enormous professional reward. The work you did over the past decade or more is now coming to a pinnacle, and if the world has not heard about your good work yet, they will now.

The excitement has to do with the arrival of good fortune planet Jupiter in your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement last month on November 8. Jupiter is set to stay a full year, until December 2, 2019, giving you plenty of time to make your mark in your industry or on the world at large. The tenth house is found at the very top of your horoscope where the number 12 would be on a clock. It takes over a decade for Jupiter to make this journey around the zodiac and through each of the houses, spending one year in each, so as you see, this is very special news that he has finally reached your prestigious career sector.

Yet, just having Jupiter in your tenth house is not enough to make things happen. The most important event you need to unlock Jupiter’s goodness is a new moon in the same tenth house, and you only get one of those a year. As luck would have it, you will have that important new moon—in Sagittarius, 15 degrees, your prestigious tenth house to boost your career—on December 6.

After that date, a new career chapter can begin, and you will start to see the goodies that the universe has prepared for you in the form of sparkling opportunities. All new moons set up a period of ten days of remarkable energy, with each day becoming a little less strong than the day before, until you get close to the full moon, at which time the new moon will have spent all her precious energy. You need to start planning your actions for your career to coincide with those potent ten days, for if you act during that time, your actions will have the power to create the kind of advancement you used to dream about. This new moon will affect you for a full year, until the next new moon in the same part of your chart to refresh this one.

Having benefic Jupiter orbiting so close to the Sun will make you excited and jovial about your career accolades most of the month, especially in the first three weeks, while the Sun continues to move through your prestigious tenth house of career advancement. By all means, you should enter contests and award shows, because this year you would have a superb chance of winning. Practice your speech, dear Pisces, such as, “I would like to thank the Academy….”

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