Pisces Horoscope for August 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Last month, you had a strong focus on financial management, and this will continue in the months to come. It might be because you are investing in your education, a business of your own, working on a savings and investment plan, determined to lower debt, or need to buy things. Alternatively, your interest in finding a financial pipeline could be due to the pandemic because your employer had to lay off his staff. Your focus on money will continue as long as Mars remains in Aries, until January 6, 2021.

Aries is the sign Mars rules, making this tour of Mars extra strong. This long stay of Mars in your second house does not mean you will be short of cash during that entire period. It means you will be focused on money and quite creative with an assortment of ideas to accomplish your financial goal. Pisces is in a far better place than most signs, so keep upbeat.

Since Mars is currently moving through your solar second house of earned income, you may be writing large checks. Often a lifestyle change, such as moving to a new apartment, having a baby, buying a house, making renovations, going back to college for a graduate degree, starting a business, or doing any other major activity will cause large cash outlays. Later, you will likely feel the spending was necessary and worthwhile.

An ideal day to present an idea or proposal to a new employer or a client would be August 16. That’s when the Sun in Leo and Mars in Aries will be ideal harmony. That’s a Sunday, but you can send your FedEx package the day prior, Saturday, August 15, while this glowing aspect builds. The transiting moon will be in Cancer (perfect, for the moon will also favor you). If you hope to be hired by a new employer, update your résumé online, say, on Linkedin, on this day—your luck will lead you to profits. Mars in Aries emphasizes new ideas and entrepreneurial activities, so you may be drawn to working in high tech in any role or to be self-employed, which is often a favorite way for Pisces to work.

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