Pisces Horoscope for August 2019

A Note from Susan Miller


Dear Readers,

I am so happy to send you the August forecast, for it brims with happy surprises. July was an intense month for many readers, for we all were subject to two eclipses and Mercury retrograde. In comparison, August will be a breath of fresh air. Mercury is now direct, and we have one of the most beautiful new moons of 2019 on August 30 in Virgo. It will offer you an array of opportunities and many happy surprises in the last week.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You have been keeping your eye on your career, and in August, you may now get a big breakthrough and be able to get the kind of assignments you only used to dream about. This wonderful development comes thanks to the new moon of July 31 or August 1 (depending on your time zone) in Leo at nine degrees that will bring opportunities to your sixth house of workaday projects. All new moons are influential in the 10 to 13 days that follow it. You will be very busy.

As calls come in, note the nature of the meetings and projects you take on in the first half of August, for those will have the power to elevate your professional standing in your industry or the world by year’s end. If you work for others, you will get all the enviable assignments, for apparently, you’ve proven you can complete them better than anyone else. Many Pisces prefer to be self-employed, and if that describes you, you will find that all the most prestigious companies and clients will come knocking, for they will want you in their corner.

Last month you didn’t dare sign a contract or seal any opportunity in stone, but now that Mercury has gone direct, you will feel the blast of energy around you and the pace will pick up quickly—the amount of work you might have to do or oversee this month may be overwhelming. It’s feast or famine, and that is the way the world works. Happily, you now will find yourself in a time of abundant feasts.

You will need to watch the details, for Uranus in Taurus will be at odds with the new moon of July 31/August 1. Uranus will also taunt all the planets in Leo, your sixth house of work projects, so the wheels may come off the bus on one of the assignments if you turn away for even a minute. If you are a manager and have teams working on the jobs, you will have to be extra vigilant to be sure no one who reports to you is slacking off and missing critical elements.

With four planets in the royal Leo, it appears that the luxury market will be important for you this month. Markets that cater to children will also be special sources of gain. By that I mean children’s books, toys, clothes and shoes, games, lunch boxes, and more will all be lucrative areas for you.

Neptune, your ruling planet, will be beautifully oriented to Mercury in your fifth house of creativity in the first half of August, so if you are an artist, musician, songwriter, makeup artist, writer, dancer, painter, illustrator, sculpture, or poet or work passionately in another of the arts, Neptune will help you create an imaginative project, and best of all, it will bear your signature style. Neptune will also beam to your eleventh house of friends, a sector of the chart that also rules your constituency or fan base. Saturn and Pluto there will see that they will love your work and what you do and how you present to them.

The most remarkable part of this new moon, July 31/August 1, is that Jupiter, the great good fortune planet, is positioned at the top of your chart and shining brilliantly, like a beacon in the night beaming to all four heavenly bodies—the new moon, Sun, Venus, and Mars. This tells me that if you do well on these assignments, clients and other companies will be beating a path to your door, eager to have you in their corner. The assignments will pay well, and they also will have plenty of room for you to put on your unique imprint of creativity.

The glorious new moon, August 30, will bring a bevy of heavenly bodies to your committed relationship sector and make the end of August through early September shine brilliantly for bonding closer to someone you love or for choosing a person or company to work with so you can get ahead professionally.

If you have a big meeting, schedule it for August 5, August 6, or August 7, when the Sun will be trading communications with Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck. These days are dipped in pure gold.

The following day, August 8, Venus will receive Jupiter’s full attention, and since the two will be in exceptional harmony (a trine), this day will stand out as one where you could make good money by means of a commission, royalty, or licensing fee on a project or ongoing deal.

This year, you have good-fortune Jupiter in your tenth house of fame and honors for the first time in 12 years. This is the year you would be able to make a name for yourself and perhaps set your legacy so that you could build on it for the future.

If you say the year has been good but not outstandingly special, it may have been because Jupiter has been retrograding since April 10. Now, four months later, on August 11, Jupiter will go direct. You will notice the difference—you won’t have to work so very hard to get the attention of VIPs and others who can help you get ahead.

Whenever a big outer planet like Jupiter changes signs, watch the day it turns and the days surrounding that day (say, plus or minus three days) for you will get a clue that a breakthrough is near. If you watch closely, you will get a hint of the area that will be luckiest for you.

Before I speak about the full moon that is due on August 15, I need to tell you about two days at month’s end that will be perfect for landing ace assignments that will put you head and shoulders above the competition, so we will skip to the end of the month for a second. Here goes:

The first day will be August 26, when Venus in your project house will receive beams from Uranus. This unexpected assignment that comes out of left field will be one you will enjoy and might be a product or service directed to women. (Venus rules things that are interesting to women.) This is a lucrative assignment, and it looks like you will be paid on a commission, royalty, or licensing fee basis. Good! You will make a bundle.

The second fabulous day for getting a new assignment, quite suddenly and out of the blue, will be August 28, when Mars and Uranus will work in pure harmony (a trine) linking your third house of communication and sixth house of work. You might be doing a special writing assignment, and if so, you will love it. All news is good news on this day, and if you do travel, again, it will be unexpected but bring glorious results.

Going back, now, the sixth house, where all the little Leo planets are lined up and being activated by the new moon July 31-August 1, also rules health. The one possible health problem I can see from where I sit is that you may feel possible nervous tension from all the work you will be handling and from the harsh aspect of Uranus to the four little planets in Leo.

If you like yoga and meditation, they may be perfect disciplines to calm you while you get strong. If you prefer workouts at the gym and weight lifting, that’s good, too. You might want to take lessons in a new sport, buy a package of training sessions at the gym, or join a plush gym (that’s luxury-minded Leo speaking here) to increase your motivation to work out. A new moon in the sixth house is usually the best time to start a fitness routine—just know your limits, for with Uranus in hard angle to those planets, you might overdo. This month, when it comes to fitness routines and sports, the sensible approach works best.

This would be the ideal month to see your doctor for exams. You might want to have blood tests to make sure you are getting enough iron, and if you have ever had any concerns about your heart, have it checked. (Leo rules the heart, and with so many planets in Leo, your circulatory system and heart is what would be most prominent. Leo also rules the spine, so if you have concerns there, it’s the right month to go for a consultation.) Getting screenings will put your mind at ease, that indeed, you are healthy. Have your vision checked, go to the dentist for a cleaning, and check in with other medical professionals. After you get done with the medical people, treat yourself to a soothing massage at the spa.

By the full moon, August 15 in Aquarius 22 degrees, you will be ready to slow down a little and take a deep breath. You might be part of a planning meeting, still confidential, that will be shown to the world later, possibly months from now. Jupiter will again be close enough to this full moon to bring a happy result, and profits too, for that is what Jupiter is known to do—bring money later to any venture you are discussing.

I should mention here that if you did not notice any messages from the solar new moon eclipses in Cancer on July 2 or in Capricorn July 16, which highlighted a love relationship or one with a friend, watch August 2 or August 16 for news.

Fifteen percent of the time, an eclipse will speak one month to the day later, plus or minus four days, bringing us to this month. I would say 75% of readers get the news of an eclipse directly on the day it arrives, plus or minus four days. There are ten percent of readers who will sometimes notice that the eclipse delivers the month to the day before the date of the appearance of the eclipse.

If you want to read my July forecast, you can, by pressing View Previous Month in the blue box at the end of every page of your current forecast on my site, or by swiping left on my app (Daily Horoscopes Astrology Zone + More by Susan Miller) when you are in my current monthly forecast. You will see the month clearly on the top of the screen.

The first part of the month will be troublesome for signing papers, so if you can wait, do your best to get beyond August 16, when Uranus (sudden and unwelcome surprises) will stop taunting Mercury (agreements). Instead, take the job, close on the house, sign the deal on August 21, when Jupiter and Mercury are in divine sync.

If you were considering the idea of taking an overnight trip to the country with your one and only, I say, definitely go over the weekend of August 24 and 25. Mars and Venus will make a rare conjunction in Virgo in your solar seventh house of committed partnerships and marriage. If you are dating seriously, this aspect will send blessings to you, too.

Clearly, this aspect will pertain mainly to those who are attached rather than those readers who are single. Venus and Mars are called the cosmic lovers, and when they are together, they set off the sparks of love or rejuvenate the fire that already burns within you both. If you cannot get away, at the very least see if you can find a babysitter to care for your young children so you and your amour can devote all your attention to each other, while you indulge in a divine dinner in a special occasion restaurant. As we all learn in life, giving someone your full and undivided attention is the best gift you could ever give.

While Venus and Mars will meet every two years, they will not meet in Virgo, your marriage/partnership sector, again until November 2047—that’s 28 years from now! The date they meet this month on August 24 is that special!

The end of the month is quite spectacular for we have the finest new moon of the year.

That new moon, August 30, will fall in Virgo seven degrees and fill your seventh house of marriage and partnership with the Sun, new moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. With five heavenly bodies all lined up like people in line at the bank, you have half the solar system in your house of commitment, marriage, and collaboration. You will benefit greatly from this gorgeous peach of a new moon through the work of another person.

All the little planets will be in attendance when the new moon makes her appearance, walking in wearing her floor-length satin gown, arriving on the arm of the distinguished Sun. Uranus, the planet of unexpected developments that drove you a little crazy at the start of the month, will now do a complete 180 to be your best friend at this new moon. He will be in a perfect position to beam shimmering rays to the Sun, new moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Good news is coming, dear Pisces.

Some Pisces will get engaged or married at this August 30 new moon. Others, already wed or dating very seriously and exclusively, will get a wonderful surprise from their partner.

If this does not resonate with you, then you can use this out-of-this-world new moon to see amazing work from your agent, manager, publicist, business partner, or lawyer (as some examples) to help you see an amazing opportunity eventually come to fruition. This is a new moon, so this is when you would hear of the opportunity and begin working on it—the outlook for this is big, with no limits. Also let’s remember that when it comes to professional success, you have Jupiter in your house of honors, awards, and achievements for nearly the rest of the year, until December 2, and Jupiter is turning on full power when he goes direct, as said earlier, on August 11.

If you don’t have such a person, such as an agent or business partner, in your life, you might hire a collaborator this month or engage an entire company who would collaborate with you, such as an advertising agency or app developer company to create profitable, forward-thinking work. Looking at this from the opposite side, if you are the agent or publicist, for example, then the talent or business you represent will go gangbusters this month.

There is more! Not only will surprise-a-minute Uranus send beautiful vibrations to these happy little planets all hugging each other in your seventh house of marriage and partnership, but Saturn is getting into the act, too. Saturn will beam his stabilizing vibrations to Venus and Mars, two planets that guard both your financial sectors of your solar chart (respectively your second house of earned income, savings and wealth and your solar eighth house of other people’s money, ruling loans and credit, court settlements, commissions and fees). This means your outlook for money is excellent when you work with this business collaborator or partner. Indeed, this person is truly worth their weight in gold. If you marry at this new moon, it appears your marriage partner has a solid approach to money management, as do you, and together you can build a comforting nest egg to support your future dreams.

If your birthday falls on February 26, plus or minus five days, you will feel the benefits of this new moon of August 30 directly and get a double dip of happiness from it. The same is true if you have Pisces rising at seven degrees or another planet in your chart at that degree and sign, plus or minus five degrees.


August will be a month divided in two. The first part will be devoted to work projects, and although many go on holiday in August, you’ll be at your most productive this time of the year. Pisces likes to go against the grain anyway—to work while others play and vice versa—so this might partly explain why you will accomplish so much in August. There is another reason—the new moon that will appear just hours before the start to August on July 31 will open stunning opportunities for exciting new assignments, the kind that will help you make a bigger name for yourself in your industry than you have so far.

Days that you will want to circle on your calendar include August 5, 6, and 7, when the Sun speaks with Jupiter on your behalf, and also August 8, when Venus and Jupiter will be in lovely harmony. These are ideal days to give a presentation or schedule an interview, for it will be a day to impress VIPs and be offered good money as well.

You have been making gains all year, but if you are aching for a bigger career victory than you’ve seen so far, watch the days that surround the date Jupiter turns direct—August 11—having been retrograde since April 10. The three days that circle August 11 will be potent, and you will then get a sign that all the hard work you have done will start to pay off in a big way. Watch, and you will see.

That new moon in the first half of the month will bring dazzlingly helpful rays from Jupiter, the Great Benefic, currently in your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievements, making you the sign most likely to see your name in lights. This month you will see proof of how well you are doing, for clearly you will be making impressive gains.

Uranus, in your travel and communication sector, will be acting up, so it would be wise to watch the accuracy of the words you employ in writing or speaking. If you travel, double-check addresses, your accommodations, and times of appointments. If driving, bring your car in for a tune-up. If you don’t have to travel mid-month, put off your trip until a week later.

At the full moon, August 15, you will want to take a rest. You will have come through a very strenuous work period, and if you feel you have been burning the candle at both ends, you might yearn to stop for a few days. This full moon will make that possible.

If you are single, the meeting of Venus and Mars over the weekend of August 24-25 will give you more magnetism than ever, and you will find attracting love easier than ever. Your friends will play a big role too, suggesting you travel together to a nearby resort to unwind and breathe in fresh air. That’s where you are most likely to meet someone new, or on a college campus if you are taking courses this month. No matter what your marital status, you will come back to work glowing.

Venus and Mars meet every two years in conjunction like this, but they meet in different signs. Venus And Mars will not meet again in your marriage and commitment sector until November 2047, which is 28 years from now. Make August 24-25 special.

The glorious new moon, August 30, will bring a bevy of heavenly bodies to your committed relationship sector and make the end of August through early September shine brilliantly for bonding closer to someone you love or for choosing a person or company to work with so you can get ahead professionally. If you are attached, you will want to lavish time and loving attention on your partner. If you are dating, this new moon will give you reasons to commit to this person or, at the very least, to promise exclusivity or to even move in together.

Sign no contracts in the first two weeks of August. If possible, make no commitments in business or love until you reach the enchanting new moon on August 30 and the days that follow. Earlier, August 21 is another dazzling day, when Jupiter and Mercury will work together to make your deal a winner.

If you are not quite ready for romance these days because you still need time to get over someone, then you can still use the new moon to choose a business partner or expert to collaborate with one-on-one. With Uranus sending you surprise opportunities and Saturn bringing stabilizing vibrations to your new or existing business collaboration, things could not be better.

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