Pisces Horoscope for August 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Clearly, this aspect will pertain mainly to those who are attached rather than those readers who are single. Venus and Mars are called the cosmic lovers, and when they are together, they set off the sparks of love or rejuvenate the fire that already burns within you both. If you cannot get away, at the very least see if you can find a babysitter to care for your young children so you and your amour can devote all your attention to each other, while you indulge in a divine dinner in a special occasion restaurant. As we all learn in life, giving someone your full and undivided attention is the best gift you could ever give.

While Venus and Mars will meet every two years, they will not meet in Virgo, your marriage/partnership sector, again until November 2047—that’s 28 years from now! The date they meet this month on August 24 is that special!

The end of the month is quite spectacular for we have the finest new moon of the year.

That new moon, August 30, will fall in Virgo seven degrees and fill your seventh house of marriage and partnership with the Sun, new moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. With five heavenly bodies all lined up like people in line at the bank, you have half the solar system in your house of commitment, marriage, and collaboration. You will benefit greatly from this gorgeous peach of a new moon through the work of another person.

All the little planets will be in attendance when the new moon makes her appearance, walking in wearing her floor-length satin gown, arriving on the arm of the distinguished Sun. Uranus, the planet of unexpected developments that drove you a little crazy at the start of the month, will now do a complete 180 to be your best friend at this new moon. He will be in a perfect position to beam shimmering rays to the Sun, new moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Good news is coming, dear Pisces.

Some Pisces will get engaged or married at this August 30 new moon. Others, already wed or dating very seriously and exclusively, will get a wonderful surprise from their partner.

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