Pisces Horoscope for August 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

The second fabulous day for getting a new assignment, quite suddenly and out of the blue, will be August 28, when Mars and Uranus will work in pure harmony (a trine) linking your third house of communication and sixth house of work. You might be doing a special writing assignment, and if so, you will love it. All news is good news on this day, and if you do travel, again, it will be unexpected but bring glorious results.

Going back, now, the sixth house, where all the little Leo planets are lined up and being activated by the new moon July 31-August 1, also rules health. The one possible health problem I can see from where I sit is that you may feel possible nervous tension from all the work you will be handling and from the harsh aspect of Uranus to the four little planets in Leo.

If you like yoga and meditation, they may be perfect disciplines to calm you while you get strong. If you prefer workouts at the gym and weight lifting, that’s good, too. You might want to take lessons in a new sport, buy a package of training sessions at the gym, or join a plush gym (that’s luxury-minded Leo speaking here) to increase your motivation to work out. A new moon in the sixth house is usually the best time to start a fitness routine—just know your limits, for with Uranus in hard angle to those planets, you might overdo. This month, when it comes to fitness routines and sports, the sensible approach works best.

This would be the ideal month to see your doctor for exams. You might want to have blood tests to make sure you are getting enough iron, and if you have ever had any concerns about your heart, have it checked. (Leo rules the heart, and with so many planets in Leo, your circulatory system and heart is what would be most prominent. Leo also rules the spine, so if you have concerns there, it’s the right month to go for a consultation.) Getting screenings will put your mind at ease, that indeed, you are healthy. Have your vision checked, go to the dentist for a cleaning, and check in with other medical professionals. After you get done with the medical people, treat yourself to a soothing massage at the spa.

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