Pisces Horoscope for August 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Neptune, your ruling planet, will be beautifully oriented to Mercury in your fifth house of creativity in the first half of August, so if you are an artist, musician, songwriter, makeup artist, writer, dancer, painter, illustrator, sculpture, or poet or work passionately in another of the arts, Neptune will help you create an imaginative project, and best of all, it will bear your signature style. Neptune will also beam to your eleventh house of friends, a sector of the chart that also rules your constituency or fan base. Saturn and Pluto there will see that they will love your work and what you do and how you present to them.

The most remarkable part of this new moon, July 31/August 1, is that Jupiter, the great good fortune planet, is positioned at the top of your chart and shining brilliantly, like a beacon in the night beaming to all four heavenly bodies—the new moon, Sun, Venus, and Mars. This tells me that if you do well on these assignments, clients and other companies will be beating a path to your door, eager to have you in their corner. The assignments will pay well, and they also will have plenty of room for you to put on your unique imprint of creativity.

The glorious new moon, August 30, will bring a bevy of heavenly bodies to your committed relationship sector and make the end of August through early September shine brilliantly for bonding closer to someone you love or for choosing a person or company to work with so you can get ahead professionally.

If you have a big meeting, schedule it for August 5, August 6, or August 7, when the Sun will be trading communications with Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck. These days are dipped in pure gold.

The following day, August 8, Venus will receive Jupiter’s full attention, and since the two will be in exceptional harmony (a trine), this day will stand out as one where you could make good money by means of a commission, royalty, or licensing fee on a project or ongoing deal.

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