Pisces Horoscope for April 2019

A Note from Susan Miller

April 2019

Dear Readers,

As you start to read your April forecast, you will see that we have a difficult full moon on April 19. Everyone will likely notice it in different ways. Upon hearing this, before you stand on your desk with a bull horn, screaming, I knew it! I’m doomed! Wait!

While it is true that Uranus, planet of sudden, unanticipated events, will be in direct opposition to the full moon in Aries on one side of the heavens, and 180 degrees away, on the other side, Uranus will conjunct the Sun (a potentially nerve jangling aspect), I know that when there are difficult aspects, there is always a remedy—and I’ve found the perfect one!

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This month will emphasize money, and you will be eager to balance your ledgers so you can feel good about getting things in apple-pie order. Knowing how much money is due to come in and who you still owe makes you organized. After this month, money management won’t be a pressing concern. This month, though, both the new and full moons will be all about money, so although as a Pisces you would rather focus on creative work, a focus on money seems necessary now.

The new moon in Aries, 15 degrees, arrives first. This new moon will light your earned income sector (second house) on April 5, providing you with ten days of superb energy to make your move for a raise. The closer you act on or after April 5, the better, as the energy of the new moon is always strongest then, and then as it moves toward the full moon becomes increasingly weaker. By the time the lovely new moon is in range of the full moon (three days prior), she will have spent her energy and will bow out to give the full moon the right-of-way.

April represents the perfect time to find ways to increase your income. If you feel you are due a raise and you work for others, this would be the right time to make your case to a VIP. If you are self-employed, start an advertising or publicity campaign. If you are active on social media, this would be the time to promote all of your latest accomplishments. Promote your posts that appear to be popular with your followers. Devise a direct mail campaign, and go for the gold. If you have a publicist, this is the month you want her or him to book you on shows so you can share your knowledge and let people know about your recent successes.

This new moon does set up an obstacle, however. Saturn will be in hard, 90-degree angle to the Sun and new moon, so you may have to cut back on social fun to pay those you owe. Participation in social events or a vacation may be too expensive now, considering what else is going on in your life.

Jupiter, planet of good fortune, will be watching what is going on, and from his perch in your lofty solar tenth house of career honors, awards, and achievements, he will send glittering vibrations. Jupiter will be within a nine-degree orb of a harmonious trine, which is a little far but still within the area of significance. Although I wish the aspect were a little tighter, I feel Jupiter will be close enough to bring you luck. You should do all you can to increase your income, for the new moon and Jupiter will set up a link between your earnings (second house) and your career reputation (prestigious tenth house), and that is the best indication possible that you may see an uptick in income.

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