Libra Horoscope for September 2020

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September 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Libra is the sign of partnership and is considered the most skilled at creating a strong and happy marriage as well as an equally effective business relationship. You enjoy putting people together when you feel they should know one another, whether in love or business. Your friends have learned to accept your kind offer to make an introduction.

Now, with Mars moving through your seventh house of partnerships since June 27, your skill at forming solid relationships for you and others will be accented in September and for the months ahead. In your own life, it appears your spouse or steady, committed sweetheart is currently making headlines in your life—that is, this person is initiating important new ventures, and whatever that is, it will affect you, too.

If you are neither married nor living with the person you love in an established, long-term relationship, then you may have a business alliance that is taking much of your attention. If you are dating someone casually, you will not be affected by this trend brought on by Mars. (The seventh house of partnership is essentially a contractual house, whether in marriage or business. We don’t always think of marriage as a contract, but it is, despite the deeply romantic overtones.)

In the case of a business partnership, you may be considering the idea of adding a business partner or hiring an agent, new accountant, lawyer, publicist, or other such expert. This house involves a serious, legal, and binding promise to another person (why marriage falls in this category).

Mars is putting a main focus on partnerships for longer than normal. Mars typically stays in any one area of the horoscope for six weeks, but this strong emphasis on your partner will continue for an unusually long time—until January 6, 2021.

Mars has traveled as far from your sign as is possible (six signs away, in Aries—180 degrees), so your partner, either at work or in your personal life, holds more control over events and the relationship. That may be fine with you—you may enjoy sitting back and letting your partner make most of the decisions these days. During the remainder of the year, you will need to be a good team player and not try to take control, for even if you do try to grab the reins, it won’t work. Everyone gets this aspect every two years (although admittedly, most experience it for only six or seven weeks, not for six months), and of all the signs, Libra generally deals with this type of situation best. You value the sanctity of marriage and the bond of a business promise, and you are known to work toward harmony.

Having Mars in Aries can, at times, make your partner seem cranky or out of sorts. He or she may become critical of you, but it is likely because your partner has so much going on that he or she may be jittery. I don’t know your circumstances, but if this is new behavior, it is probably because your partner has a lot on their mind and is carrying more responsibility. Of course, if your partner has been acting like this for some time, only more so now, you will have to move out to a safe place. Mars rules Aries, so Mars is extra strong in Aries. More likely, it would be that your partner is involved in an entrepreneurial enterprise that requires a lot of concentration.

Put a gold star on September 9 when Jupiter will signal the Sun, and you may find the right solution to a home-related question, such as to find a new apartment, house, a buyer for property you might be selling, or a gorgeous piece of new furniture.

The reason Mars is spending so much time in Aries, is that Mars will soon retrograde, from September 9 to November 13.

Mars teaches us the value of moving forward quickly and to compete skillfully. The red planet lights your passion and motivation and keeps your interest and stamina strong so you can go the distance and make your venture the best it can be. When Mars is retrograde, however, Mars is resting and not able to lend you his enormous energy to direct into your venture or relationship. Mars retrograde is considered a bad time to launch a new product or service or to open the doors of a new business, so if your partner is getting ready to do so, move heaven and earth to do so quickly, at the favorable full moon, September 1, plus or minus four days. Even a soft and subtle start would be fine—use baby steps—for in astrology, it matters when you begin, even if it’s gently and somewhat quietly.

Mars retrograde is also not considered a good time to wed, for Mars rules sex—need I say more? You would not want to build Mars retrograde into the start of your marriage. If the coronavirus has delayed your wedding, don’t be sad, for the universe has helped you choose a better date in 2021. (Neither Mars nor Venus will be retrograde next year.)

Mars’ little brother Mercury will act up. In the middle of Mars’ retrograde, Mercury will retrograde too, from October 13 to November 3. This is frustrating news and adds more fuel to my thinking that the coming months will be very slow. If you need an electronic item—ruled by Mercury—you must get it now, in September, and as early in the month as possible, preferably in the first week. So, if you need a new TV, smart phone, computer, refrigerator, air conditioner—you get the idea—you need to browse the stores and websites and buy it now. Also, sign contracts in the first week to avoid Mars’ retrograde.

I feel that with Mars retrograde in the coming months, the economy will move along very slowly. Governments are using wishful thinking opening schools, colleges, businesses, restaurants, gyms, and movie theatres, only to reverse course when outbreaks happen. You will see what I am talking about in the coming months, and I will explain why. I think a second wave of the virus will be very possible, even probable. Here is what I see.

Going on in deep space is the tight orbiting of Jupiter and Pluto, a feature of 2020 not to be repeated for 13 years. Usually when these two planets team up, they create prosperity. I expected huge financial deals in the news—and perhaps in your chart, too. The big deals turned out to be the trillions in government stimulus payments on a level we’ve never seen—which they kept saying were unprecedented. We and other countries are engaging in deficit spending that eventually will have to be paid back through taxes over the coming decade. (This is according to Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank, Jerome Powell, in a recent interview on the TV news magazine, 60 Minutes, CBS News. I feel it’s better to deal with the reality of a situation than not. Of course, those stimulus checks were necessary to help people who were suffering.)

Pluto rules viruses, and Jupiter is known to expand everything it touches, so they worked together to spread the virus. These two planets were tightly conjoined together in 1918 too, during the Spanish Flu epidemic, just like they are now.

Jupiter and Pluto were to meet three times in 2020: April 4, June 29-30, and November 12. We always feel the approaching conjunction as it builds a month before the conjunction occurs. We all recall how hard March and April were for Italy and New York City. June 29-30 turned out to bring serious outbreaks in India, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, and the southern states of the United States, from Florida to Texas, Arizona, and up through California. The last conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto will arrive this year on November 12.

Right now, both planets are retrograde, but Jupiter will turn direct September 12, and Pluto will turn direct on October 4. In October, they will both be strong and rested because a retrograde period is a resting period. I expect October through early December to bring a serious second wave of the virus. That may also be the reason I see such slow economic progress adding to Mars and Mercury retrograde (September 9 through November 13). Where will the pandemic hit? That’s up to you. Keep your guard up, wear your mask, wash your hands, and keep a social distance, and you will have a far better chance of staying safe.

Jupiter and Pluto are slow moving planets, so I need them to get at least eight degrees apart before we will see a relief from this virus. A wide distance between Jupiter and Pluto will occur by January 12, with no plans to return to a conjunction until they meet in Aquarius in February 2033.

This does not mean Jupiter and Pluto will cause another pandemic in 2033. Usually, this meeting is a positive event. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet were born in years when Jupiter and Pluto conjoined—as I wrote earlier, this conjunction is usually a signature of huge financial success. All planets have two sides to their descriptions, and this year, Jupiter must have been a little drunk to say yeah, sure, when his old friend Pluto asked him to help him spread the virus. Jupiter is normally like Santa Claus, the giver of gifts and luck. Jupiter will again be good to you—and as I will tell you later, you will see this benefic side this very month. Stay with me.

Now let’s turn to other things happening this month, including the outstandingly positive full moon due on September 1. Look out your window and you will see it, bright and beautiful, shining at 10 degrees Pisces, your sixth house of work-a-day projects.

You seem to be finishing up a project, either personal or business, by this full moon, and what I love about this moment of the month is that Uranus, planet of all things unexpected, will beam at this full moon. Uranus is based in your eighth house of other people’s money, dear Libra, suggesting a nice fee or other bundle of cash coming your way stemming from your actions.

If you are working on a health matter, that, too, will reach culmination at the full moon, and it is likely the results will be quite positive. All full moons have five days after they arrive to deliver their news. It might be a good time to get your new flu shot for the coming season if your doctor wants you to have one. (Check to find out. I just got mine.)

There is another reason I am so excited about the results of this full moon. A full moon in Pisces puts the emphasis on Jupiter and Neptune, for Jupiter was Pisces’ ancient ruler, and later, after Neptune was discovered, he was assigned to Pisces as a fitting ruler. Astrologers today look at both when discerning aspects that put a spotlight on Pisces. This year, Jupiter and Neptune are in rare and glittering harmony (a sextile, 60 degrees, indicating opportunity). Neptune, the planet of the arts, is in your sixth house of work projects and suggests your assignments might be quite creative, and with Jupiter working with Neptune, that indicates you’d be paid well for the work you do. Great. Neptune also rules medicine, so if necessary, your doctor may come up with a treatment that works well at this time.

You seem very intent on either moving or renovating your home or other property, for you have quite a bit of energy centered at the very bottom of your chart from Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter, the Great Benefic.

Put a gold star on September 9 when Jupiter will signal the Sun, and you may find the right solution to a home-related question, such as to find a new apartment, house, a buyer for property you might be selling, or a gorgeous piece of new furniture. A tip from a friend may unlock the benefits from this special date because the Sun is involved, and he rules your friendship house. Jupiter is posited in your home and family sector. If you need to find a solution, look at your options on this date.

At the new moon in Virgo, 25 degrees, on September 17, you may get a breakthrough and find the right solution for your home or property, or a solution you will like concerning a question involving one of your parents. Again, you will have the support of the heavy-duty planets of Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter. Even if you find the right answer, however, don’t put it into motion quite yet. You might find the answer but not actually move house (or hire the contractor, etc) until the new moon of December 14. Or you might move, close on a house, or make any other home-related decisions on the subsequent new moon, January 12. In other words, you might settle plans weeks before these dates and simply wait to act on them in December or January.

As you get close to the end of the month, you will be coming up on a full moon in Aries, 9 degrees, on October 1, which will again put your attention onto a partner, either your spouse, serious steady, or a person you’d like to hire, such as a business partner, publicist, agent, new accountant, or lawyer. Hold off on making this official just yet. Mercury will start to retrograde on October 13, and Mars will still be retrograde. You are better off waiting, even though there will be some pressure to make a decision on October 1. See how you feel. I don’t like that Mars will be in hard angle to Pluto—that’s where the pressure is emanating from. A full moon in Aries puts Mars in the lead, so we have to pay attention to this aspect.

On the plus side of the October 1 full moon is that Venus, your ruler, will be in exquisite, tight communication with Mars. Venus will be in your house of hopes and wishers in fire-sign Leo and be in perfect angle to Mars in Aries in your partnership house. You and your partner may talk seriously of getting married, or your present partner may bring up an idea for a goal you can both work toward. There will be something romantic and sweet about this aspect. It is the tightest aspect—to exact degree—so that counts for a lot, too. See what happens, and just try not to make a final plan until after all these planets go direct.

If your birthday falls on October 1, plus or minus five days, you will feel this full moon of October 1 the most—it falls on your birthday! The same is true if you have Libra rising 9 degrees or the natal moon in Libra 9 degrees, and in all cases apply a plus or minus five degrees. That full moon will also light up your chart if you have a natal planet in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Libra, Gemini, or Aquarius at 9 degrees, plus or minus five degrees. Watch that planet, and it will show you its gifts.

Please Note: On October 1, 2020, there is a full moon in Aries 9º, not Aquarius 9º. We apologize for this error in our 2020 calendar.


Your finances have been on quite a rollercoaster ride lately, but this month, at the glorious new moon September 1, good news is due. You have been hosting Uranus, the planet of surprise, in your eighth house of joint financial matters since March 2019 for the first time in your life, so that’s why financial matters continue to bring surprises. Your mission must be to find ways to bring both ends of the spectrum to the middle. (It takes Uranus 84 years to circle the Sun, so that is why when Uranus moved into Taurus last year it felt new to you.) As the planet of surprise, it’s not so easy to host this volatile planet in a house ruling your finances. Uranus will remain in your eighth house of other people’ money until he permanently leaves in April 2026.

This month, however, the surprise you receive might thrill you within five days of the full moon on September 1. Jupiter will beam golden rays from your house of home and family to both the Sun and new moon, so you may have luck with real estate, or your family may send you a generous check, perhaps as an early birthday gift.

If you are looking for a new apartment or house, you may get lucky at this time, and a mortgage could be approved quickly either early in the month or in the days that follow the new moon, September 17.

The new moon in Virgo will arrive September 17, just prior to your birthday. The ancient astrologers always spoke of the value of planning your birthday year when you have a new moon in your twelfth house, your house of introspection.

The month will almost end on a full moon in Aries—it will occur the following day, October 1, again bringing your focus back to your partner. Venus and Mars will be circling like love birds overhead, so this could be a lovely moment to celebrate your relationship. This seems very likely, even though there appears to be some difference in opinion between you and your partner now and then. You may disagree about your choice of living quarters or who will live with the two of you—perhaps a relative or tenant will be coming to occupy a different part of the house.

Alternatively, your spouse may have an opinion that conflicts with yours concerning a family member or the help you will need to give that beloved person. Neptune, on the sidelines and seeing what is going on, will send golden rays to your family sector to provide inspiration, love, and compassion. All in all, with Venus and Mars so beautifully oriented, this could be another full moon that marks a special moment in your relationship.

Backtracking to the start of this month, the full moon of September 1 will likely find you bringing a work project to a grand finale. You seem to be in line for a tidy sum of money too—more than you suppose. A health matter is also likely to reach a peak and come to an end. You may get back test results from your doctor or finish up a protocol or physical therapy. Like everything else in the first days of September, news you hear should make you happy.

Mars is currently taking a very long journey through your seventh house of partnership, so if you are married, your mate is causing most of the exciting news in your life. Mars is about to retrograde, however, from September 9 to November 13, quite a long time, and during this time, your spouse will see slower progress. The entire world will feel the difference in tempo, and you will feel the difference, too. Don’t rail against it, but match the rhythm of nature.

Next month, Mars’ little brother Mercury will go retrograde from October 13 to November 3. As you see, we are going into a very slow period where you will have to be satisfied with smaller progress. If you need to sign papers, do so in the first week of September if possible. If you need to buy a computer, smart phone, air conditioner, headphones, or any other electronic product, do so now—you need to avoid Mercury retrograde for best results.

By the new moon in Virgo of September 17, it looks like you will want to quiet down your work and get some much needed rest. You’ll save time for friends, for Venus will tour your friendship house, and that’s significant because Venus is your ruling planet—it shows where your friends will capture your attention, even if a resurgence of the virus keeps you apart. By now, you’ve learned clever ways to stay in close touch—those Zoom dinners are not so bad after all. In fact, they’re fun.

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