Libra Horoscope for September 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

There is another reason I am so excited about the results of this full moon. A full moon in Pisces puts the emphasis on Jupiter and Neptune, for Jupiter was Pisces’ ancient ruler, and later, after Neptune was discovered, he was assigned to Pisces as a fitting ruler. Astrologers today look at both when discerning aspects that put a spotlight on Pisces. This year, Jupiter and Neptune are in rare and glittering harmony (a sextile, 60 degrees, indicating opportunity). Neptune, the planet of the arts, is in your sixth house of work projects and suggests your assignments might be quite creative, and with Jupiter working with Neptune, that indicates you’d be paid well for the work you do. Great. Neptune also rules medicine, so if necessary, your doctor may come up with a treatment that works well at this time.

You seem very intent on either moving or renovating your home or other property, for you have quite a bit of energy centered at the very bottom of your chart from Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter, the Great Benefic.

Put a gold star on September 9 when Jupiter will signal the Sun, and you may find the right solution to a home-related question, such as to find a new apartment, house, a buyer for property you might be selling, or a gorgeous piece of new furniture. A tip from a friend may unlock the benefits from this special date because the Sun is involved, and he rules your friendship house. Jupiter is posited in your home and family sector. If you need to find a solution, look at your options on this date.

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