Libra Horoscope for September 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Mars is putting a main focus on partnerships for longer than normal. Mars typically stays in any one area of the horoscope for six weeks, but this strong emphasis on your partner will continue for an unusually long time—until January 6, 2021.

Mars has traveled as far from your sign as is possible (six signs away, in Aries—180 degrees), so your partner, either at work or in your personal life, holds more control over events and the relationship. That may be fine with you—you may enjoy sitting back and letting your partner make most of the decisions these days. During the remainder of the year, you will need to be a good team player and not try to take control, for even if you do try to grab the reins, it won’t work. Everyone gets this aspect every two years (although admittedly, most experience it for only six or seven weeks, not for six months), and of all the signs, Libra generally deals with this type of situation best. You value the sanctity of marriage and the bond of a business promise, and you are known to work toward harmony.

Having Mars in Aries can, at times, make your partner seem cranky or out of sorts. He or she may become critical of you, but it is likely because your partner has so much going on that he or she may be jittery. I don’t know your circumstances, but if this is new behavior, it is probably because your partner has a lot on their mind and is carrying more responsibility. Of course, if your partner has been acting like this for some time, only more so now, you will have to move out to a safe place. Mars rules Aries, so Mars is extra strong in Aries. More likely, it would be that your partner is involved in an entrepreneurial enterprise that requires a lot of concentration.

Put a gold star on September 9 when Jupiter will signal the Sun, and you may find the right solution to a home-related question, such as to find a new apartment, house, a buyer for property you might be selling, or a gorgeous piece of new furniture.

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