Libra Horoscope for September 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

If you are looking for a new apartment or house, you may get lucky at this time, and a mortgage could be approved quickly either early in the month or in the days that follow the new moon, September 17.

The new moon in Virgo will arrive September 17, just prior to your birthday. The ancient astrologers always spoke of the value of planning your birthday year when you have a new moon in your twelfth house, your house of introspection.

The month will almost end on a full moon in Aries—it will occur the following day, October 1, again bringing your focus back to your partner. Venus and Mars will be circling like love birds overhead, so this could be a lovely moment to celebrate your relationship. This seems very likely, even though there appears to be some difference in opinion between you and your partner now and then. You may disagree about your choice of living quarters or who will live with the two of you—perhaps a relative or tenant will be coming to occupy a different part of the house.

Alternatively, your spouse may have an opinion that conflicts with yours concerning a family member or the help you will need to give that beloved person. Neptune, on the sidelines and seeing what is going on, will send golden rays to your family sector to provide inspiration, love, and compassion. All in all, with Venus and Mars so beautifully oriented, this could be another full moon that marks a special moment in your relationship.

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