Libra Horoscope for September 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Having Mars in Libra from October 3 to November 18 will be a big plus. Mars only has time to come to each sign once every two years, for it takes that long for Mars to revolve around the Sun. Mars will give you energy and drive, and daunting initiations can be best be done while Mars is on your side. I love early October for you, so if you can act then, do.

The weeks that flow from September 28 to October 22 will be the most important of 2019 for you. Move ahead assertively during the first three weeks of October, your prime time to create a life-changing victory, whether it be personal or professional.

You should know that Mercury will go retrograde and nap from October 31 to November 20, so it is clear that if you can act on or after the new moon in Libra on September 28, the better, and if it is possible to wait to act until October 3 and the days to follow, that would be better yet. Don’t wait too long—you will feel the pull and drag of Mercury retrograde and the frustrating delays he is famous for as early as October 17, two weeks before the official start date of Mercury retrograde, October 31.

A move to a larger apartment or house might be on your list to do soon, and if you feel your plan has lagged, you have Saturn to blame. He has been retrograding in your home and family sector since April 29 but will move forward on September 18.

When any planet moves forward after a long retrograde, the planet will be what astrologers call stationary. It means the planet will seem to hang like a beautiful chandelier in the sky, not moving forward or backward. This is a temporary situation, but if you look in the ephemeris (a mathematical table of the planets’ orbits published by NASA and other companies), you can see that Saturn will remain at the same degree with just tiny changes in the degree’s minutes for a length of time.

During that period, you will get a clue of what is to come, so watch September 8 to September 28. I feel you may hear of a great apartment or house that you will want to investigate. I see you will be almost obsessed about your home situation by the end of December and in January, so things may move much faster than you think is possible. Watch to see what clue you receive—you’ll need to be perceptive and watch carefully for the clue, or you might not see it. If you are observant, you will, and it will help you plan your future course.

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