Libra Horoscope for September 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

A new moon in Libra always puts Venus in the lead, so we need to check to see what kind of conversations Venus will have with one or more other planets. Wow, Venus will be meeting with Jupiter, the great planet of good fortune, on that very day, September 28. This tells me that you will adore this new moon—all your interests are being cared for by this dramatic couple, Venus and Jupiter. You could not wish for a better environment to go after something dearly important to you. September 28 will be a stellar day for you, and if this is your birthday (or within five days of this date), you will enjoy a double dip of pleasure.

Venus will arrive in Libra a little early for your birthday party—September 14—and will remain until October 8. Start to look for new clothes for the coming season immediately after Venus arrives in Libra, and if you are a woman, look for new make-up colors and perhaps a new perfume, too. Male readers can also find beautiful, quality items that will flatter you and let you project just the perfect look you are after. Male or female, if you shop in the second half of September, you will find many clothes and accessories that will bring you many compliments.

Romantically, you will find Venus in Libra is a wonderful bonus, for Venus will gently bring out your charms and make you quite memorable and unforgettable. If you ever felt invisible, you won’t feel that way once the second half of September arrives. It would be a great time to refresh your appearance, such as to have your hair cut in a new style (yes, even men can consult their stylist for advice).

After you have acquired your new items, plan to step out. If you are single, Venus will help you meet a fascinating person, but you need to circulate, for Venus only comes by your sign once a year. Mars will help you in October, especially in the first two weeks. The new moon of September 28 could also bring a flurry of invitations and social events to attend.

If your birthday falls on or within five days of September 28, Venus will work doubly hard for you.

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