Libra Horoscope for September 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This same full moon of September 13 could bring a major project to a finish, and you may be working hard to oversee all the details right up to the deadline. With Neptune so prominent, it may involve music, entertainment, art, or other cultural or artistic expressions. If you need to hire a new housekeeper, babysitter, nanny, gardener or other professional for your family, or a staff member for your office work, you would come to a final decision at this friendly full moon. All full moons are influential for four days after they occur, so you may get an extension to go as far as September 17.

The most important and exciting part of the month will occur on September 28, the new moon in Libra. At the start of the month, you had a crown of stars—five in all—in your twelfth house of privacy. They were there to celebrate Virgo’s birthday, and while there, were energizing things for you that you were keeping private—perhaps a confidential project.

These little planets have been having fun, and they won’t want to break up and go home when the Sun tells them he’s moving on to Libra. Venus will suggest that everyone follow the Sun and continue the party there, in Libra. With everyone already in their party best and still quite energetic, these little planets will march parade-like straight into your first house to start your official party on September 28. Wonderful!

By September 28, you’ll have Venus, your ruler, in Libra and Mercury too, along with the Sun and new moon. Once the majestic new moon arrives in her designer snow-white gown and throws open the heavy wooden doors to a new portal, life will change for you, and the pace will pick up.

This new moon will present you with a cosmic birthday gift, energy in Libra to direct any way you choose. That’s different from most months when I tell you which area to pay special attention to and direct your energy there. Think about what you would like to have happen next in your life, and start to take steps toward that goal. It’s fine if you can only take baby steps—what matters is that you do something, no matter how small.

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