Libra Horoscope for September 2018

A Note from Susan Miller

september 2018

Dear Reader,

I have exciting news! I will do personal chart readings in the garden of the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles from September 7 through 14, 2018. I live in New York City and have been traveling to LA almost every month for several years. I have always stayed at this particular Four Seasons Hotel because it is my favorite – I call it my little piece of heaven. When I stay there, I feel like I’m home. Thank you for your enthusiastic response. My schedule is booked now and I am so sorry I cannot take any more appointments on this trip. I am working on an event to offer you, different in scope, in November, but talks have not been finalized. Please stay tuned. If you follow me on Twitter, @astrologyzone, you will hear instantly, but it will be several more weeks until the pieces come together. I hope they do! I want to do more with you!

I love the meditation by Deepak Chopra that’s on the TV in my room, for it starts my day in a soothing, calm way. The Four Seasons’ Spa is exceptionally beautiful. I am a fan of their sensuous facials and massages.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Life keeps moving at the speed of light, and you may feel in need of a rest. Last month, you seem to have finished up a large task at the full moon in Pisces, August 26. That full moon was positive, so you may be feeling accomplished as you enter September.

The past two months were intense, because you came though three eclipses. Often an eclipse will require adjustment to news, regardless of whether the news is exciting and quite welcome or not so positive. Usually we only have two eclipses at a time, but this time we had three. This happens when a new eclipse family comes in to replace the current family.

The first eclipse in the new series arrived as a new moon solar eclipse, July 12 in Cancer, and accented your prestigious career sector. You may have changed jobs or seen changes in management at your present firm. If you are not in the work force, you may have been given a leadership role in a community or school project or mentored a young entrepreneur, as two of many possible examples.

The July 27 eclipse was a difficult one, and it fell in your fifth house of love, romance, pregnancy, and the care of children. Your fifth house also covers creative projects, so you may have had difficulties in one of these areas that the fifth house rules. Keep in mind that an eclipse can deliver news at different points in time. Approximately 10% of eclipses will deliver their news one month to the day earlier (which in this case would have been June 27), while others, about 15% of the time, will deliver news one month to the day later (August 27). About 75% of eclipses do deliver their message within four days of the arrival of the eclipse, which, of course, would have been July 27. In each case, give a plus or minus of five days.

The August 11 eclipse lit your friendship house and should have had a positive effect. It may have opened up your social schedule and also helped you meet new friends.

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