Libra Horoscope for September 2017

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

September is a month when many people feel energized and ready to tackle big projects. Your outlook is somewhat different, and is suggesting you take a slow and easy entry into the new season. You seem to have had a busy July, and so why not extend your relaxation time just a bit, into the first half of September?

In the first week, by the time you get to the full moon in Pisces 14 degrees, September 5, you will be finishing up a work project or personal task that you had to get done no later than September 8. After you get all wrapped up and finished, you’ll feel a sense of relief. Take a moment to catch your breath. Neptune will be conjunct the full moon, so make sure you are clear about what is required of you and the best way to get it done. On the other hand, if the project involves creativity, then Neptune will inspire you to come up with imaginative solutions, for Neptune is the planet that defends the arts.

At the same time, Saturn will be in hard angle to the full moon, so the task may seem difficult at times and include a written report or manuscript, or require that you negotiate a contact, make an important sale, or put finishing touches on a new app or software release. If so, this part of your job will be strenuous, but will give you an enormous amount of pride when you finish it.

Let’s backtrack a moment, to Friday, September 1, and Saturday, September 2, when Mars will be at an ideal angle to Uranus. This day may be filled with surprise and link your friends, your spouse, or established partner and you to one great formula for fun. You may be invited to a party or barbeque and if so, you should go.

Speaking of friends, watch September 3 and September 4 when Mars will reach 29 degrees of Leo, the exact degree of the total solar eclipse last month on August 21. If you did not see evidence about just how much a friend cares about you, or what a difference you are making to a humanitarian / charity project, you may hear news on one of these two dates.

When Mars or Saturn moves over the same degree of a recent eclipse, it is considered a major astrological event to note. Saturn is too far out of range to be considered, but Mars is about to fly straight over these degrees on September 3 and 4. Keep your antenna up to see what happens, both in your life and on the world stage. If you are born at the end of your sign, near October 18-22, you should notice something happening (or you did last month, at the solar eclipse).

Your eleventh house, which will be so lit up on these days, rules not only friendships and humanitarian activities but also your hopes and wishes. A dream you’ve long held in your heart may now come to you. If you were born near the end of Libra, on October 20-21, you were are most likely to benefit from the August 21 eclipse or from the days on September 2 and 3.

Mercury was retrograde last month, and so Mercury brought confusion, a need to backtrack, and some haywire chaos and confusion. Now Mercury will go direct on September 5, giving you a clear road ahead. Soon you can start to initiate important ventures. You can begin to sign contracts now, but give September 5 a few days of space between September 5 and the date you choose.

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