Libra Horoscope for October 2019

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Your biggest expense appears to be directed toward your family or regarding a home or property matter. You may be about to lease or buy a house, or buy furniture, but your family or your mate could have conflicting opinions about your plans. This means you might have to spend as much time defending your ideas as you will implementing them. Alternatively, your rollercoaster financial situation may be due to the economic environment in your region and could make you feel temporarily stuck or unsure of what to do.

The old adage, “when in doubt, do nothing,” could turn out to be wise advice now, for concurrent to all this happening in the last week of October, Mercury will go retrograde in your personal financial sector. Mistakes proliferate during these periods, so check your bank and credit card statements to ascertain that it reflects no unauthorized activity.

With challenging aspects coming at October’s end, you will do best by having your most urgent deals and activities done early in the month. In this regard, you are in luck.

As you enter October, you will have the new moon, Sun, Mercury, and your ruler Venus—all in your sign Libra—to support you as you enter your new birthday year. That is a remarkable amount of planetary energy to support your every wish. Planets are forever on the move, however, so this advantage will begin to evaporate by the third week of October. Early in the month, you will have an open road to accomplish things your way.

Mars, one of the most important planets to have on our side, will enter October 3 and stay until November 18. Even though you will gradually see most of the planets in Libra start to disburse by the third week in October, you will have Mars in your corner until November 18, and that’s a great asset. Use all the planetary energy you have when you have it—that means start early in the month and see anyone who will see you!

At the October 13 full moon, you will only have both adoring eyes on your partner. It’s the sweetest moment of the month, so celebrate your relationship by taking a little trip into the country to enjoy fresh air, nature’s beauty, but most of all, to enjoy each other.

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