Libra Horoscope for October 2018

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This year was smooth sailing from January through most of June, but once you edged closer to June 26, things started to go haywire, and in a way, they still are. Mars went retrograde, June 26 to August 27. Mars is the energy planet that acts like a booster to big dreams and gets them lifted into a good strong orbit, but when Mars goes retrograde (which happens every two years), nothing quite clicks into place. It was hard for you to get new projects launched, and in your personal life, if you were dating, you may have had problems deciding about where you ultimately wanted to bring your relationship.

Add three eclipses on July 12, July 27, and August 11 and a dash of Mercury retrograde from July 25 to August 18, and there you had a recipe for havoc. It certainly was an intense period.

September allowed you to catch your breath, and you may have assumed that life would begin to get back to normal, but that was not to be the case. This month, Venus, Libra’s ruling planet, will go retrograde from October 5 to November 16. This will keep your plans on hold, and just when Venus is done retrograding, Mercury, the planet of contracts, negotiations, commerce, and communication, will go retrograde—from November 16 to December 6.

The universe is speaking very loudly and clearly: We all need to slow down and think about the direction of our lives. Sometimes we get so caught up with the little details of life, we fail to see the big picture. Worse, we don’t do the deep thinking we need to do to direct life in the way that would make us happiest. To correct this, the universe puts a number of speed bumps in place to force us all to stop, look, and listen to what is going on around us.

Retrograde planets certainly do slow us down. Look back over this year, from the start in January 2018, and examine what you’ve done so far. What made you proudest? Happiest? What was your toughest day?

If you love the life you have built, then you can take a moment to enjoy and mark the moments that mean the most to you. You need to celebrate the big victories and landmarks, and the little triumphs, too. Looking back over the year so far, what made you happiest? You may want to do more daydreaming and imagine yourself in a situation that you would enjoy to be in. Tell everyone about your dreams, from your dearest friends to the new acquaintances you meet. You never know when and from whom your special tip or introduction will come.

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