Libra Horoscope for October 2017

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

October will be a month of high contrast, where difficulties could come out of nowhere, but where the golden news will be so special you become speechless. As a Libra, you were the celestial favorite over the past thirteen months, starting back in September 2016. Now you will transfer your crown to Scorpio – we all have to share – but what you will get in this coming year may thrill you. Over the past year you may not have noticed you were wearing the crown and being protected more than most any other sign. Often during those rare, once-in-twelve-year periods when Jupiter is in your sign, dear Libra, you are so busy planting seeds that you don’t realize your life is changing, growing, and entering a new phase. Now you will be able to take stock and make plans. You have planted the seeds, and now, in the next gestation of Jupiter’s cycle, you will start to see buds coming up in your garden.

Let’s take the month from the top. As you enter October, Mars is still in Virgo, a holdover from last month when Mars first entered Virgo on September 5. It seems you have a lot going on behind closed doors and need to keep secret, perhaps to tweak a project. If so, you will be ready to show your work to the world after Mars enters Libra on October 22, to stay until December 9.

It is always best to show off your work when Mars is your own sign. The move of Mars to Libra marks the start of a new two-year cycle, and the ventures and relationships you begin at that time have special weight and import. You’ll be motivated to give your projects and relationships all you have to give, and your energy will be high and magnetic.

Venus will align with Mars in your house of secrets on October 5, which could have one of two outcomes. The good side would be if a friend sets you up on a date to introduce you to someone new that she (or he) thinks you will enjoy meeting in the romantic sense. However, if you are starting a clandestine romantic relationship, or are in one now, your alliance is likely to come out in the open once Mars enters Libra after October 22. Think before you act, and consider the unintended consequences that are possible.

The same day, October 5, a full moon in Aries 13 degrees will put the emphasis on your partner. In this case, a lot depends on the strength of your relationship over past months and years. If it is strong, then your partner may have a surprise for you, say, if he or she pops the question and you both agree to get engaged. Venus rules Libra, the sign of this emotional full moon, the reason I talked about being careful about a concealed relationship indicated by the meeting of Venus and Mars in your twelfth house of secrets. Someone is likely to find out about it at month’s end, and it could cause problems.

I should point out that your romantic relationship might be fine, and instead you may find your business partnership or collaborator is in the spotlight.

This October 5 full moon will be in hard angle to Pluto, so you may have problems with the structure of your home or the basement, and need to fix it, or you may run into difficulties finding a new place to live. It looks like competition for the space you want will be fierce. I am guessing here, but it looks as though some will stop at nothing to get the space that you have your heart set on – including bribery. I don’t like to suggest this, but Pluto in this position can be ruthless.

Or, it may be that buyers will instead be bidding well above the suggested list price of the property, cancelling you out before you get a chance to negotiate. If you dearly want the property, you may have to bid higher than you first estimated. Something seems unfair about the situation. If you have been doing a renovation, this full moon could bring out problems in the house structure or plumbing that will be revealed as the workmen get into the walls and under the floorboards. This happens, and it is always better to know than not know.

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